The liberal media is afraid of the truth. They can't handle it!

The liberal media is afraid to hear what the truth really is.

The enemy is in the white house, that’s the truth.

Under an Obama exeutive fiat, radical Muslims are now calling the shots… the Pentagon

The Thomas More Law Center announced today that it is representing U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley, a 1994 Graduate of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point.  In April 2012, LTC Dooley, a highly decorated combat veteran, was publicly condemned by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and relieved of his teaching assignment because of the negative way Islam was portrayed in an elective course entitled, Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism.

CAIR blames ‘Islamophobia’ in America for the ongoing Muslim riots around the world

Awad sites anti-mosque protests in America as well as states that are introducing legislation to ban sharia law (which he claims is just like our Constitution) as reasons why the savages in the Muslim world are doing what the savages in the Muslim world always do – riot, burn things, and murder people – for no legitimate reason at all.

Do you get it now?