Out to screw us

Any doubt?

WoJ reader Geoff took a screenshot of the Worongary mosque  blog on the Gold Coast, www.goldcoastislam.com.au, and noticed an offending symbol of our kangaroo with a crescent moon up its backside. The perps were quick to take it off, but we got a screenshot:

Some Australians might want to do something about it. Please don’t take the law in your own hands……

3 thoughts on “Out to screw us”

  1. Remember that the Gold Coast mayor is responsible for supporting these islamic parasites!!!!!! Our worst enemy is the enemy with. Along these lines here is a little more that suggest that obummer is a cowardly fraud…..


    As regards the Gold Coast: You can expect that the mosque will/has become the center of muslim gang activity etc . And for those of us who think that this is an unfair comment – it is not – do your homework!

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