Savage Eltahawy Crows Victory

Pamela Geller says not so fast….

No Evil Deed Goes Unrewarded  (Moonbattery)

The sociopathic Mona Eltahawy beside her handiwork.

 Mona Eltahawy, the unhinged Muslim agit-prop known to MSNBC and CNN viewers who spray-painted an NYC subway ad and a woman who tried to defend it because she regarded its pro-Israel message to be “racist”? As always with Islamic headbangers, her outrageous behavior has been rewarded:

The New York Times reports the MTA will prohibit any advertisements that it “reasonably foresees would imminently incite or provoke violence or other immediate breach of the peace.” Those “viewpoint” ads that do not meet this criteria will be allowed, so long as a disclaimer is included saying the MTA does not endorse them. The MTA met on Thursday to discuss the rules, which were approved unanimously 8-0.

Pamela Geller was there to cop some abuse:

eneMedia spins MTA’s refusal to drop cause-related ads

After I left the meeting and tried to hail a cab in this UN-paralyzed city, the tolerant and harmonious  “99%” followed me screaming in the street, calling me the most vile names. But at the same time, passengers in cabs that were driving by and saw the scene opened their windows to give me a thumbs-up and said, “You are doing the right thing!” and “keep it going.” Which only made the malodorous 99% savages really rabid, banging on cabs that stopped to pick me up and yelling at me all the louder. More>>

New York Magazine was there: Following ‘Savages’ Controversy, MTA Adds Disclaimer to Subway Ads  By –will post the video so that you can see what an incompetent snake Margaret Hartmann is.

It was only a partial victory for Eltahawy, Hamas, al Qaeda, et al., but the best the dhimmis running NYC could do for now, considering the constraints of the First Amendment, and enough to cause Eltahawy to crow victoriously:

No word from Pamela Hall, the heroic bystander who tried to defend the poster. She’s probably still trying to get the pink spray paint off her glasses.

  • “MTA votes to add disclaimers to issues-oriented ads” NY Daily News

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