The Invention of "Islamophobia"

Think about it. This absurd  word concoction is an insult to all non muslims who reject living under Islamic rule.  Since a ‘phobia’ is irrational, a kind of psychosomatic disorder, we should reject any suggestion that we need to be  ‘reeducated’ or in some form or other brainwashed  into liking something so revolting and abhorrent like the mohammedan belief-system, which equals enslavement.

There is nothing ‘phobic’, or irrational, about rejecting Islam. Those who don’t reject the Islamic perversion of everything we hold dear are complicit.  Those who promote this must be put on trial for treason and subversion.

There’s a more light hearted definition if you prefer:

‘an Islamophobe is one who knows too much about Islam’

but that doesn’t change the fact that words like ‘xenophobia’, ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’  are used in order to browbeat people into politically correct submission for the sake of cultural marxism (multiculturalism) and to replace our society with a mohammedan proletariat.

Did the Muslim Brotherhood invent the term “Islamophobia”?

The Brotherhood has certainly seized and run with the term in order to intimidate critics of jihad and Islamic supremacism into silence, but it looks as if the term “Islamophobia” is much older than Claire Berlinski claims.

Cheradenine Zakalwe here traces it to the 1990s, and it is possible, also, that the term goes back even farther than the 1990s sources that Zakalwe quotes. According to the French philosopher Pascal Bruckner, “At the end of the 1970s, Iranian fundamentalists invented the term ‘Islamophobia’ formed in analogy to ‘xenophobia’. The aim of this word was to declare Islam inviolate. Whoever crosses this border is deemed a racist. This term, which is worthy of totalitarian propaganda, is deliberately unspecific about whether it refers to a religion, a belief system or its faithful adherents around the world.”

Whether it comes from the 1970s or 1990s, it is clear that Claire Berlinski was quite careless here, and her contention that the Ikhwan invented “Islamophobia” simply ludicrous. I have indeed repeated this claim in the past, as I did not previously have any reason to doubt its accuracy, but I will not be repeating it again. With Leftists and Islamic supremacists always poised to pounce on any inaccuracy (and perceived inaccuracy, and anything they can twist to look like an inaccuracy), it is imperative for counter-jihad writers to be far more scrupulous and careful than this.

“Did the Muslim Brotherhood Invent the Term Islamophobia?,” by Cheradenine Zakalwe at Islam Versus Europe, August 26:

That the Muslim Brotherhood invented the term Islamophobia has become a commonplace on the Counterjihad scene. But is it true? The only evidence for it seems to be the undocumented assertions of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former Muslim radical turned “moderate”.

He has made the following statements about the creation of the term islamophobia:

That’s the reason why the question of whether America is “Islamophobic” – now bandied about so casually, as though opposition to the mosque has revealed a nasty strain in the American psyche, akin to the terrible racism or anti-Semitism that once ran wild – is so deeply offensive. This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.


In an effort to silence critics of political Islam, advocates needed to come up with terminology that would enable them to portray themselves as victims. Muhammad said he was present when his then- allies, meeting at the offices of the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Northern Virginia years ago, coined the term “Islamophobia.”

Muhammad said the Islamists decided to emulate the homosexual activists who used the term “homophobia” to silence critics. He said the group meeting at IIIT saw “Islamophobia” as a way to “beat up their critics.”


These statements were cited in a Claire Berlinksi [sic] article which wasreproduced on Jihadwatch. That seems to be what led to the diffusion of this idea.

But let’s pause for breath. The claims made by Muhammad are neither documented nor dated. And even if what he is saying is true, if a word is invented and then pushed into general circulation, you should be able to document its spread. Modern search technology makes it relatively easy to do this. So where are the textual analyses showing the spread of this term originating in statements or documents issued by the Muslim Brotherhood?

I did a textual search on this term using many specialised electronic archives, biased towards British sources but including American ones too. My conclusion was that it had originated in Britain and had almost certainly been coined not by a Muslim but a pitifully dhimmified Jew, the “anti-racism” campaigner Richard Stone. He was one of the authors of a letter to the Guardian in 1994, which was the first recorded use I could find of the term, and he was present on the committee of the Runnymede Trust which launched the term into broad circulation in 1996. A fuller discussion of this topic, including quotes, can be found here.

In my view the claims of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad form too slender an evidentiary basis on which to support the assertion that the term was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood. Clearly it has been seized on and exploited by them. But we shouldn’t attribute its invention to them unless we can prove it. There is no need to make stuff about Muslims. The truth is bad enough.

UPDATE: Jihad Watch reader John just sent me an extract from Wikipedia (a scurrilous propaganda site, at least for issues of current moment, that I will not link) pointing out early twentieth-century uses of the word “Islamophobia.” However, they didn’t use the word with contemporary propagandists’ intention of demonizing those who resist jihad and Islamic supremacism, and so these early uses of the word don’t quite apply to the question at hand.

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  1. Good points, especially about counter-jihadists taking care to only speak/write the facts at all times. I will need more information before I can settle on where the word actually did come from and what was the intent. Thanks for writing about it.

  2. Still, you have to admit, turning a clinical condition (Phobia) into a voluntarily committed crime is quite a leap of semantic politics.

    Viva NewSpeak.

  3. Georgina,
    The Soviets did the same … and the similarities between islam and communism are plentiful! The key point is this – the muslims are not intelligent enough to change our legal systems and our societies – they are being helped, or perhaps they are being encouraged to act as a diversion for a third party. There is a missing link here – and we need to find it.

  4. @ kaw,

    Agree with what you wrote.

    For sometime, I have been suspicious that the OWG? /NeoCommunist/Whoever? are using Muslims as a means for a three prong attack against the West.

    1.) As a means for population replacement and creating a voter block through gerrymandering. (an action that was not well thought through.)

    2.) Use the violent nature of the Muslims hordes to control the hateful populace. Through the inherent use of the Muslims violence to harangue and brutalize the population through terror, assault, rape and murder. Whilst doing nothing or providing a minimal punishment to the Muslim aggressors.

    3.)Create and instill anti- free speech laws to censor and limit objections against the government through the false flag of hate/race speech, i.e., Islam.

    1. Spot on.

      The whole package comes wrapped up under ‘human rights’.

      Google George Soros, ‘open society’, Tides Foundation, Human Rights Watch, The Drug Policy Alliance, and National Public Radio.

      Soros operations include a wide range of liberal communist-Marxist news operations as well as the infrastructure of news – journalism schools, investigative journalism and even industry organizations.” The Media Research Center Network reports that Soros has ties to “more than 30 mainstream news outlets – including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, CNN and ABC.”


      Well, well, who’d a thunk it? Soros is funding the whitewashed journalism course on Islam. More on islamizing journalism: here “Islam on Main Street” for reporters – and aspiring reporters – covering Muslim communities in America (here), and this back in January: The Society of Professional Journalists: Why We Never Get the Straight Story on Islamic Jihad.

      ”Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, a group of right-wing activists who view themselves as ‘anti-Jihadists’ have aggressively tried to tie American Muslims to terrorism overseas and in the United States”

      American Jihadists and mass murderers (2011) : Anwar Awlaki, American Muslim, check! Samir Khan, American Muslim, check! Major Nidal Hasan, American Muslim, check! Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, American Muslim, check! Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan and Ziyad Yaghi, American Muslims, check! Daniel Patrick Boyd, American Muslim, check! Hysen Sherifi, American Muslim, check! Anes Subasic, American Muslim, check! Zakariya Boyd, American Muslim, check! Dylan Boyd, American Muslim, check! Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, American Muslim, check! Tareq Elkafrawi, American muslim, check! Kamil Madi, American Muslim, check! Maazen Kadir, American Muslim, check! Michael Jihad, American Muslim, check! Mohammed K., American Muslim teen, Check! Emerson Winfield Begolly, American Muslim, check! Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, American Muslim, check! Najibullah Zazi, American Muslim, check! Naqib Jaji, American Muslim, check! Muhammad Wali Zazi, American Muslim! Burhan Hassan, American Muslim, check! James Cromitie, American Muslim, check! Onta Williams, American Muslim, check! David Williams, American Muslim, check! Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, American Muslim, check! Amera Akl, American Muslim, check! Lance Cpl. Yonathan Melaku, American Muslim, check! Pfc. Naser Abdo, American Muslim, check! Ahmed Hussein Mahamud, American, Muslim, check! Samira Abdalla Salim, American Muslim, check! Sharif Ahmed Nour, American Muslim, check! Imam Hafiz Khan, American Muslim, check! Iman Izhar Khan, American Muslim, check! Irfan Khan, American Muslim, check! Mohamed Alessa, American Muslim, check! Carlos Almonte, American Muslim, check! Zachary A. Chesser, American Muslim, check!

      Over 20% of American Muslims Know of Jihadist Extremist Support in their Community

      Soros-Funded Group Behind Course for Journalists That Downplays ‘Jihad’
      Program launched to teach press about Muslim sensitivities blames ‘right-wing activists.’ (hat tip Brandy)
      A new course on Islam designed for journalists tries to minimize the impact and importance of ”jihad” by comparing it to the number of murders in America each year. That same course claims ”right-wing activists” tried to tie American Muslims to terrorism and doesn’t mention examples of Islamic attacks on press freedom.

      That’s the way a prominent news organization is teaching journalists in a three-hour online course. The Poynter News University, part of the Poynter Institute, launched the free course ”Covering Islam in America” to guide the media on their coverage of Muslim communities.

      The George Soros-funded Social Science Research Council, which received $50,000 from the Open Society Institute ”For Initiative on HIV/AIDS and Social Transformation,” is one of the groups behind the initiative, along with the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. That fits with a theme for liberal financier Soros, who has spent more than $52 million on influencing the media. The Islamic course also links to another Soros-funded entity, the well-financed Center for American Progress.

      In about 30 pages of text with links to other reports and articles, journalists can go through and read about the history of Islam, Muslims in America, and how to cover stories on Islam. Besides learning basic facts about Muslims and their history, the course adds ways to put ”jihad” into perspective, attack conservatives, and provide a list of liberal groups that can be contacted for expert advice and quotes.

      The pre and post-assessments give a hint as to the nature of the course. One question asked, ”What grievances might sources associated with ‘Political Islam’ hold against Western journalists?” The answer is that ”Western journalists are seen as all of the following: ”hostile to Islam,” ”focus too much on Islamic violence,” ”viewed as water carriers for Western government agendas,” and ”thought to be unable to understand Islam unless they embrace Islam.”

      Course instructors Lawrence Pintak and Stephen Franklin are both former foreign correspondents. Pintak serves as dean at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, which is a partner of the project. He also has two books on journalism and Islam and defends the biased, activist network Al Jazzera English.

      This course is ”A project of The Poynter Institute funded by The Knight Foundation.” Soros’s Open Society Foundations have worked closely with The Knight Foundation. They partnered up to start the Investigative News Network, which received $200,000 from the Knight Foundation and $100,000 from the Open Society Foundations. The Knight Foundations President and CEO, Alberto Ibarguen, is also on the board for AOL and yet another key Soros backed group, the progressive investigative reporting start-up ProPublica.

      There is some useful information in the Islamic course for those journalists that did not pay attention in their history classes and are ignorant of Islamic beliefs. However, this does not excuse statements that accuse conservatives of bigotry.

      ”Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, a group of right-wing activists who view themselves as ‘anti-Jihadists’ have aggressively tried to tie American Muslims to terrorism overseas and in the United States. You can learn more about some of these groups in the following…”

      The reports that journalists are told to look at to uncover the ”right-wing activists” agenda are even more telling. The first is a report from none other than the Soros-funded progressive group Center for American Progress, which received $7.3 million from the Open Society Foundations since the year 2000.

      Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America, details charitable groups that ”spent almost $43 million financing anti-Muslim campaigns.” One of the coauthors of the report is the Koch-hating Lee Fang, who writes for Center’s left-wing blog Think Progress. Fang continuously goes after the Koch brothers for their contributions to conservatives and Tea Party support.

      The other report is by The Tennessean in Nashville titled Anti-Muslim Crusaders Make Millions Spreading Fear. This article details the story of ”activists who have raised millions of dollars after they convinced donors that the nation’s Muslim population posed a security threat.”

      Another section of the course also encourages journalists to add context to their stories. They note it is important to explain political motives stating ”Politicians do not oppose or support proposed mosques and other Muslim-American projects without taking into account their own interests.”

      One of the more offensive statements is that ”context is essential in covering this global story in a way that does not amplify fears of jihad.” Journalists ”are far more likely to report on jihad-related incidents than other violence’ which gives people a ”skewed impression of the prevalence of jihad.”

      Read the rest of this bile here.

  5. @ Hill.
    I’ve come to the same conclusion, the muslims are part of the push for the One World Government spearheaded by the UN. I don’t believe it’s just a laughable conspiracy theory anymore. The UN headed by the OIC intend to govern the world.

  6. An arachnophobe is a person who is afraid of spiders. Islamophobe describes a person who is afraid of Islam. I am not an Islamophobe because I do not fear Islam. Would you fear a bunch of lies spouted forth by a person displaying the symptoms of one in the grip of bipolar disorder? See it for what it is. Do not fear it. The greatest weapon we have to fight with against Islam is our vote at the ballot box. Make enquiries at Research the “Rise Up Australia Party”. Consider standing as a representative for them. Lobby your local politician, your representative in the Upper or Lower House. Make this an issue that forces them to put spine in their speeches in the House when debating any and every point about this circumstance we find ourselves in. Force them to stop pretending this is not happening. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  7. @Sheik,

    Thanks for that post.

    It only confirms that there is a deliberate ‘intent’ behind the whitewash of Jihad and the violence of Muslims for insidious purposes. If Soros is willing to pay to train journalist how to minimize and spin Islamic violence.

    I know I am starting to sound like a broken record. But Soros needs to be brought up on charges of Treason. His wealth in the US confiscated and any Soros organizations shut down. Hopefully, other countries will follow.

    Realistically, that won’t happen with the Manchurian candidate in office, but at the moment I will settle for members of the government coming out against him, like Bachmann or West. Greater public censure in the media and more or less becoming persona non grata.

    RE: Fang. The Koch brothers only became the tool of the misdirection from the far left when Glen Beck spent days revealing Soros and all his links to various charities and business that are shills for his agenda. Suddenly, the Koch brothers name is everywhere, as allegedly being the baddies behind the Conservatives. We already know that the MSM media gets it’s marching orders from Media Matters and they all sing from the same hymn sheet, some days almost verbatim.


    I agree, Pre-9/11 I would have considered OWG to be a conspiracy theory. However, when the Clintons (media/money whores ) the famed journalist (who single -handedly subverted the Vietnam War.) Walter Cronkite and Soros are all bleating advocates of a OWG, it is no longer a “laughable conspiracy”. But, a serious threat to all our lives-where a select few elites RULE the lives of the many.

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