4 thoughts on “The Pope Must Apologize To The Muslims?”

  1. Who do these Muslim dirtbags think they are,they are a cult of deception,violence and lies,they have onlt the very shaky word of a dubious prophet whose backgroud is tenacious to say the least,what a shower of buffoons,it is time western countries outlawed Islam and started deporting these savages.religion of peace my back side.

  2. Yes , to kiss the Quran was indeed a very stupit thing to do, for the Bible also teaches that Jesus was and is the Only begotten Son of God as well as God the Son. John 3:16. Hebrews 1:8. Both of these things the Quran denies.

  3. Sheikh Qaradawi should apologize to the world for spouting utter garbage every time her opens his pathetic mouth

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