The Pope Must Apologize To The Muslims?

He must not. That would be a stupid thing to do.

International Union Of Muslim Scholars, Muslim Brotherhood leader: The Pope Must Apologize To The Muslims

What they really mean is the pope should give up his ‘man made’ religion and submit to Islam. Its not the first time ‘Muslim scholars’ have made these demands.

This was a stupid thing to do:

4 thoughts on “The Pope Must Apologize To The Muslims?”

  1. Who do these Muslim dirtbags think they are,they are a cult of deception,violence and lies,they have onlt the very shaky word of a dubious prophet whose backgroud is tenacious to say the least,what a shower of buffoons,it is time western countries outlawed Islam and started deporting these savages.religion of peace my back side.

  2. Yes , to kiss the Quran was indeed a very stupit thing to do, for the Bible also teaches that Jesus was and is the Only begotten Son of God as well as God the Son. John 3:16. Hebrews 1:8. Both of these things the Quran denies.

  3. Sheikh Qaradawi should apologize to the world for spouting utter garbage every time her opens his pathetic mouth

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