Today's Muselmanic Contributions to Civilization


Rep. Allen West (R-FL) on why the growing disaster in the Middle East is Obama’s fault. ALL Obama’s fault.

Osama bin-Laden death means next to nothing in the 1400 year-old jihad against the world.  No matter how hard the Obama Regime is trying to make you think it is.

Violent Muslim Anti-Freedom riots rage across Muslim Countries, 19 dead in Pakistan, Tool: “We are all ready to die for the Prophet Muhammad”  (Pamela Geller)

“Ready to die”

Looks like this guy got what he was looking for: Paki policeman looks at Muhammad defender who wen’t down….

Muslims do what they do best in Amsterdam

If you have a hole in your knickers or no money for shoes: always blame it on da Jooozzz!

Egyptian President: U.S. Must Respect Arab History and Culture, Even if It Conflicts With Western Values– 

That ‘culture’ includes slavery, child-marriage, FGM, polygamy, wife-beating, jihad, murder of apostates & blasphemers;  rape and stoning of women: Islam is perfect! Respeck it, infidel!—Comments »


Tens of thousands of Muslims protest Muhammad film, shouting “death to America, death to Israel and death to the enemies of Islam”

“We are pained by this deliberate insult against our religion under the pretext of freedom of expression.” Well, we are pained by this deliberate assault upon our freedom of speech under the pretext of an insult to your religion.

The Tiny Minority of Extremists numbered in the tens of thousands in Nigeria; the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims was nowhere to be seen. “Tens of thousands protest anti-Islam film in Nigeria,” from the Daily Times, September 23 via JW


Jihad in Thailand: Heavy civilian casualties in latest Islamic attack

BREAKING: Celebrating the Muslim Jumu’ah Friday prayer day with more Jihad murder in Thailand. Heavy civilian casualties in latest attack.
Are 6 dead and 39 injured in a Muslim terror attack worth reporting in the international news media?
The Muslim terror attacks continue daily in Thailand’s south with innocent people wounded or murdered on average every six hours for the last eight years.*
More than 5,000 people have been killed and over 9,000 hurt in more than 11,000 incidents, or about 3.5 a day, in the three southernmost provinces and the four districts of Songkhla since the violence erupted afresh in January 2004, according to Deep South Watch – an independent research group that monitors the southern unrest.