Indonesia: Devout Muslims Threaten Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur is magnificent.

In the early seventies I spend a fair bit of time in Indonesia, traveling all over  the place by motorbike.

I happened to visit this grand Buddhist monument  several times.  Parts of it have been severely damaged. Restoration work is an ongoing project; the so-called ‘international community’ under UNESCO pays endlessly to maintain access, and for tourists from all over the world it is a must see just like the pyramids in Egypt or Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

For devout Muslims the Borobudur is a remnant of the Jahiliyya, pre-Islamic times of darkness, and therefore worthless.  Worthless just like the Bamian Buddhas in Afghanistan and countless  monuments, temples and churches that now lie in ruins.

Priceless works of art in all countries that are now occupied by the soldiers of allah have been destroyed or are at risk of being  blown up or damaged beyond repair..

Islam doesn’t like competition.

If there is anything that confirms the supremacy of the meshugga prophet they don’t need it; and if it contradicts the doctrine of Islam they won’t have it. For centuries, the zealots didn’t have the know how or enough explosives to destroy the Borobudur, but now they have whatever it takes, and they mean business.

Yogyakarta. Indonesian intelligence has gathered information that a terrorist network has set its sights on one of the country’s most important cultural and historical heritage sites. 

The world famous Borobodur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, could be targeted because it’s a Buddhist temple and a top destination for foreign tourists, Yogyakarta Military Commander Brig. Gen. Adi Widjaja said on Friday.

“We still need to analyze the information further, we should not respond to it as though it was accurate information,” Adi said. “So far there is an indication of a threat, but it should not be interpreted as an immediate threat.”

In 1985, the Borobudur temple, a Unesco World Heritage Site, was also attacked by a terrorist named Ibrahim, or Mohammad Jawad alias Kresna. Nine stupa were destroyed in the bomb explosion. 

“Based on the terror pattern, temples in Indonesia were considered [by terrorists] as products of ancient era that deserved to be demolished,” Adi said. “Therefore, though the data is raw and still needs analysis, the indication is clear.”

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