Will Gillard Support Islamic Savages Over Free Speech?

Gillard declares blaspheming “unacceptable”

Blaspheming of f Islam, that is.

“Denigration of religious beliefs is never acceptable.”

The Gillard goose  has made her maiden speech to the UN General Assembly in New York and pushed Australia’s case for a seat on the Security Council.

Nothing good can come of that.

1 : 0 for Islam

“What we saw in Sydney on the weekend wasn’t multiculturalism but extremism.”–JooLiar Gillard, Fabian socialist, unelected PM of Australia. The policeman in the picture would beg to differ.

Pamela Geller:

The Muslim violent mobs last week shook Australia to her core — go here.

“Angry Muslim men have been unmasked” The Daily Telegraph

Angry Muslim men have been unmasked

Funny. If they have been ‘unmasked’ then why  is the media making their faces unrecognisable?

The photographs were published on the front page of The Daily Telegraph in the days after the unrest as police attempted to work out why the day turned violent.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has pledged officers will hunt down those responsible for turning Sydney‘s CBD into streets of violence on Saturday, September 15. Yesterday police said: “There will be further arrests.”

Strike force McAllister, set up to investigate the unrest, has so far charged eight men and three youths with 25 offences including assaulting police, affray, rioting, malicious wounding, possessing offensive weapons, throwing missiles including glass bottles and committing an act of cruelty against an animal.

Now how does one explain this fundamental thing to the Gillard goose and her handlers?

… Muslims are skinless people in a sandpaper world, as one observer once put it. Their feelings would always be “hurt” by something even if we removed all offensive cartoons and movies on the planet. This is about power, fear, dominance and Islamic aggression. …

Mustards sound like clones of each other:

My jihad is….. (making ignorant infidels believe that jihad is some sort of “inner struggle”)


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  1. The faces are pixelated since once a person is charged, until they are found guilty or innocent of these offenses in court, it is considered prejudicial to their defence if they are identified. The jury is yet to be selected and the defence could possibly use their identification to get the charges dropped if they could convince the judge that their client would not get a fair trial.

    So pixelated is good, as it indicates the number of people charged with criminal offenses.

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