Allah got my goat!

No joke:  Goat with the word ‘Allah’ on his coat goes on sale for £128,000

  • Islam Bhati, 37, from Rajasthan in India has put his two-year-old goat on the market with a whopping £128,000 price tag for Eid al-Adha festival
  • The prized animal has the word ‘Allah’ emblazoned on one side of his fur and a crescent and star on the other
  • Thousands of goat farmers from across India are in Old Delhi all week to sell their livestock as Muslims mark Eid al-Adha holiday– Daily Mail

Tariq Ramadan: “Eid Mubarak — respect the sheep!”

Respect the sheep while you’re slitting its throat? Of course, Ramadan means that the person performing the sacrifice should do his work cleanly and without causing the sheep undue pain….(source)

Denmark: “We were told that is was better if we did not fly our flag”

“It is a shame that one group is discriminated against, especially at a diversity celebration”

 “Experts were deeply concerned about the situation and were afraid that the security was not sufficient….”

Which flag do you think it was?

4 thoughts on “Allah got my goat!”

  1. Halal butchery in the West is now gargantuan in scale. We are now being fed Halal slaughtered meat against our knowledge.Our once civilised society has reverted to ritual animal sacrifice, and is quite literally swimming, in an ocean of blood, as animals are slowly bled to death.

    How did this happen? How did we allow it? Why is the RSPCA, an organisation that is up in arms over a few diseased TB infected badgers, is silent while Halal slaughter is all around them?

    The idea of eating meat that has been ritually blessed by an imam whose religion calls for my slaughter, should be deeply offensive to any sane person. And yet the treasonous politicians are happy with it.

    History will judge us, and we will be found wanting, for we once were civilised, and knew good from evil.

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