Benghazi Gate (Updates)


The US had troops in Sigonella, Italy – about an hour away. (GWP)

The attack went on for over five hours.  The Obama Administration stood by, they watched, Obama lied, and our people died.  Obama fiddled while Benghazi burned.

Beck on Benghazi: ‘This Is Impeachable’

‘People Will Go to Prison’

“It is dangerous how arrogant this guy is with his lies.”–Read More »

Beck Breaks Down Obama’s ‘Lying’ on Libya in Fiery Segment:  “What’s happening in Benghazi is so far beyond lying, it is staggering.”

“You laugh while discussing those Benghazi emails?

The hubris of this horrible Clinton witch is beneath contempt:

Willary Clinton Now Under Fire for Her Reaction to New Libya Info After Letting Out a Little Chuckle–Read More »

So What Exactly Do We Know About What Happened in Libya?

Here’s a Comprehensive RecapRead More »

White House was told two hours after Libya attack that it was jihad terror

And their lies and cover-up began immediately, with Obama Administrations blaming the Muhammad video, in an implicit attack upon our freedom of speech. Clearly they could not and would not own up to having used American military might to enable the ascendancy of al-Qaeda in Libya. Re-elected? Are you kidding? How about impeached?

Obama lied, Americans died.

White House Responds to New Libya Emails: ‘There Was a Variety of Information Coming In’–Read More »

Hillary Clinton: “Posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence.”

As long as it is Islamic its never terrorism for the Obama -Clinton cabal:

Shrillary refuses to take responsibility but the leaked emails went to the top officials at the State Department.  The State Department blamed an obscure YouTube video for the Benghazi attack for weeks and still does. (GWP)

Obama Appointed Libya Investigator an Islamist-Sympathizer With Ties to Iran & CAIR?

“Apologist for Islamic terrorism who has a cozy relationship with Iran”–Read More »

A country that allows its enemies to determine its destiny has no future.

Islamic Radicals Are Regular Visitors to Obama White House

Read the report for alarming information on the plenty more Islamists with clear terrorist sympathies who have been beating a path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In a sane country, this report would have the Democrats scrambling to find a last-second replacement for the Manchurian Moonbat before the election. However, a complicit “mainstream” media can be relied on to ignore it.

Even were the report to become public knowledge, it wouldn’t take many by surprise. In a bizarre twist of mass psychopathology, the baneful media was able to hype Obama into the White House precisely because people consciously or otherwise associate him with our country’s enemies. As recently as Monday night, liberal debate moderator Bob Schieffer referred to Obama bin Laden in a Freudian slip that has been repeated incessantly by liberals for the last four years.

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