7 thoughts on “Code Pink Does Pakistan”

  1. stupid is as stupid does – or something like that.

    There is a neverending story of stupid on the liberal left. No wonder the moslems, and other intolerant regimes just love to use them as their useful idiots.

    What bothers me about these morons is they might need our troops to protect them. If so, then they should be prohibited from doing what they are planning.

  2. Hope they come back superglued into burqas. At least that would be an improvement, and easier on the eyes.

  3. Sometimes, how we learn in life is through pain and suffering and as much as I dislike for anyone to suffer….shrug.

    Now, lets see, if Kahn will keep these cows protected or leave them exposed to the natives.

    I hope some of the natives literally knock off the smiles from their smug. sanctimonious faces.

  4. CodePink wants woman to boycott Ahava cosmetics and SodaStream because they are Isreali, give Codepink two fingers and go shopping this weekend.

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