Cognitive Dissonance: Nazis under the beds of UK Libtards, Islamofascists ignored…..

“The rise of fascism in Greece is very dangerous,” Javed Aslam, president of the Greek Paki community, said. “I don’t understand how Europe can remain silent about this terrorism.”

Opposing Islam is very dangerous.

I don’t understand why  Brits allow Islamic savages to terrorise them and why they  remain silent about Islamic fascism.

Golden Dawn’s foothold in Europe  (Harry’s Place)


UK: Neighbors ‘terrified’ as 13 are Muselmaniacs arrested at Sunderland anti-mosque protest. (BNI)

Simon Biggs, the group’s North East regional organiser of the NF, said: “There are no British-born Muslims in my eyes. They don’t belong here and Islam is alien to us.”