Egypt: Devout Muslims Insist That Pedophilia Is 'Halal'

The profit of Islam did it, so how can it be wrong?

EGYPT: Devout Muslim groups attempt to legalise Paedophilia

EGYPT: Islamists & Salafist attempt to legalise Paedophilia

National Council for Women (NCW) called on Egypt’s Ministry of Interior and security officials in Egypt’s northwestern governorate of Matrouh, Saturday, to take the required action to find Sara Abdel-Malik, a 13-year-old girl who was reportedly kidnapped in September.

Abdel-Malik’s father had filed a complaint to the the national body for women’s issues, reporting that his teenage daughter was kidnapped after leaving school on 30 September. (Pamela Geller has more)


According to the father, the girl was kidnapped by a young man who forcibly married her despite the fact that she is still a child. 
In the Saturday statement published on their official website, the NCW expressed its complete rejection of child marriage, adding that it is forbidden under Egyptian law. The legal marital age in Egypt is currently 18 years old.
In May, a controversial law lowering the marriage age was put to the now-dissolved People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament), sparking uproar among women’s rights organisations. Similarly, human rights groups and political figures condemned recent calls by Islamist members of Egypt’s Constituent Assembly to reduce the marital age for women to as young as nine years old in the draft constitution.

In addition Article 36 threatens equality between men and women by saying that the state shall ensure equality between men and women as long as it does not conflict with “the rulings of Islamic Sharia” and goes on to say that the state shall ensure that a woman will “reconcile between her duties toward the family and her work in society.” This provision is inconsistent with the provision in the same chapter that prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sex. Discrimination against women under Egyptian law, and in particular in family law, is a longstanding problem, but keeping the reference to “rulings of Sharia” in the new constitution would open the door to further regression in women’s rights, Muslim Women are already discriminated against when it comes to matters of inheritance.

In a later interview Makhyoun said on the live TV program Al Ashira Masa2an that in keeping with the tradition of the prophet girls should marry as young as 9. Some Brotherhood members and all Salafi members of parliament are determined to amend Egypt’s child law to lower the marriage age from 18 to 9. One of the frequently criticized forms of human trafficking in Egypt is that young girls from poor families have been trafficked to the Gulf for early marriage.
“It is particularly reprehensible that committee members should bow to pressure to exclude language criminalizing sexual harassment and trafficking of women and children when this is not only a serious crime under international law, and is clearly happening,” Houry said.

In a further blow to women’s rights due to the inaction by the Muslim Brotherhood to enact enforceable sexual harassment laws, an Egyptian movement has started to thwart sexual harassment during Eid Al-Adha. So far they have recorded 300 attempted attacks during the first two days of the Muslim holiday. The initiative, dubbed ‘Catch the Harasser’, began on the first day of Eid, with volunteers working across central Cairo in a bid to prevent lewd attacks on women. Sexual harassment of women is a prevelant problem on Egyptian streets. Many muslim men welcome the Eid El-Adha celebrations where large crowds make it easier for them to assault women and escape unpunished. A 2008 survey by the Egyptian Centre for Women Rights found that 83 per cent of local women and 98 per cent of foreign women had been subjected to harassment at least once.

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  1. The perfect situation, predatory sexual behavior rationalized by “religion”.
    Muslims … because there just isn’t enough depravity on the Earth.
    Islam is poison.

  2. These are the examples that seperate us, the civilized from the them, the savages.

    And yes, it is an us and them world.

    Sick people using a religion to justify abuse of the powerless and the helpless.

  3. As a note to our muslim readers – you feel obliged to rant and rave whenever you think comments are unfair to you, yet you cannot (or you choose not) openly discuss criminal behaviour committed by muslims using islam. For example a young girl was kidnapped by a muslim criminal in the name of your religion and you say nothing!! And she is only one case of MANY!!! You cannot have it both ways – if you cannot openly discuss these documented cases of quran inspired criminal violence then you have no right to accuse us of picking on islam. islampohobia is a term coinned by you and you do not even know how to use the word correctly!! Ask yourselves the question – do you want us to treat you as you treat others??!!! Your choice.

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    disgusting, thats not true? or just conspiracy. tell me

  7. Nothing will change .as these people are followers of peace loving they say every thing is fair .there is no minimun age of marriage.and what you are taking about this not

  8. Religion of peace to oppress the defenceless. Religion of peace to marry minors of the poor, while the rich and influential guard their own minors. Religion of peace, where a-45 year old would be allowed to have sex with an eight year old and rupture the bladder. The religion of peace for the bigots, extremists, terrorists. Religion of peace is from the devil.

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  11. Anna you are a stupid with no IQ. Abhay Mishra is a Hindu. I can bet he hates Islam more than anything else under the sun. In fact he was trying to be a little sarcastic about Islamic barbarism. But he failed to do it properly due to his lack of ability to express his thoughts in English. Thanks.

  12. But in the end when they have found the little girl, how many will say it’s her fault because she has seduced him…

  13. Anna,
    Abuse the Mohammedans – they deserve it – reserve nastiness only for the islamists. Abhays comment is supreme irony and deliberately intended to be so. The Hindus have a major problem with muslims and how they resolve this problem will have an influence on us all. We are in a war, and those with common cause need to say allied.

    Destroyer, no need to insult next time – you seem to be a bright chap so you can always critic people in a funny way that makes them think a little too. .

  14. typo last email
    …and those with common cause need to STAY allied.

  15. Hey it does make sense to me. If your holiest man does something then it “should” be a moral and good thing to do. If you are a Muslim and you believe in the Koran then marrying a 9 year old shouldn’t be looked upon as evil.

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  24. For an innocent CHILD of NINE Yrs. Of Age To Be Forced Into Marriage,sex,and then kept as an object IS SLAVERY !! SIMPLE !!!!Toatlly Against These Laws !!!!

  25. I’m a culturist as opposed to a multiculturist.
    It’s time that mudslimes are educated with respect to the violent ,backwardness of their culture.
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  26. There is little difference between mainstream Muslim marital practices and what is classified as human trafficking. Additionally, “temporary marriage” is indistinguishable from prostitution.

    Mohammed was described by Milton as being in hell. Yet over time we’ve forgotten how evil Mohammed was. Mass murderer, pedophile, took his daughter-in-law from her husband – and his followers have done more harm than any other group in history.

    Other than conversion, there is no hope for this crew.

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