Krauthammer: "Playing President For Sandy, Not BENGHAZI…."

Thanks Barry, where would we be without you?

Unreal… Obama Tells Press: “We Leave Nobody Behind” (GWP)

After leaving our heroes to die in Benghazi, Barack Obama had the gall to say this today at his press conference:

“This is a tough time for a lot of people; millions of folks all across the Eastern Seaboard, but America’s tougher. And we’re tougher because we pull together, we leave nobody behind.

Disturbing, Developing: New Catherine Herridge Report Suggests Petraeus Involvement In Benghazi Coverup  (Pat Dollard)

“Hurricane SANDY a result of ‘Globull Worming”

Naturally moonbat true believers like the kooks at WaPo are using Sandy as an excuse to fret about nonexistent global warming.  Back on Planet Earth, Sandy is just a storm like other storms, worse than some, but nowhere near as damaging in the long term as Hurricane Zero:

Spinning Sandy  (Moonbattery)

Thomas Sowell: Telling the truth slowly

The White House had to know that it was only a matter of time before the truth would come out. But time was what mattered, with an election close at hand. The longer they could stretch out the period of distraction and uncertainty – “cooling out” the voters – the better. Once the confidence man in the White House was reelected, it would be politically irrelevant what facts came out.  (Thomas Sowell)

Goracle ready to cash in on “climate change”

“It rained, it must be climate change”

Nanny Bloomberg blames globull worming too:

Rush: “nothing but a hoax”


Obama ‘Playing President’ for Sandy, Not Benghazi

Anti-Obama Benghazi Meme Gets Censored for ‘Violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities’

“Obama called the SEALs and THEY got bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obama, THEY GOT DENIED.”Read More »

Megan McCain To GOP:


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  1. “Obama called the SEALs and THEY got bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obama, THEY GOT DENIED.”

    That statement is so true, it hurts.

    Shame on him.

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