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Muslims set fire to police station, 12 injured in Muhammad movie riots






Free people have two choices: submission or strength. “Ahmedabad police station set on fire in anti-Islam film stir,” from the Times of India, October 4:

Remember: none of these Muselmaniacs has seen that “anti-Islam film”. This is a concerted effort to whack western dhimmi governments to clamp down on free speech.

Once free speech is lost nothing can be gained without violence…

AHMEDABAD: A rally to condemn the anti-Islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims’, which has irked Muslims across the globe, took a violent turn in the city on Wednesday. An angry mob set fire to the Karanj police chowky along with 11 motorbikes and two jeeps belonging to the policemen.  More: injured in Muhammad movie riots

‘Our beloved Prophet is our honor!’: Thousands rally in Pakistan against anti-Islam video free speech

Pakistani leaders tabled a declaration at the annual meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York City. The document, which the OIC adopted, decried a rise in Islamophobia under the “pretext of freedom of expression” and called for an international ban on sacrilegious acts.

Thousands of moderate muslims shouted “down with Amrikaa!”--Photos

6 thoughts on “Fanatical Frenzy Watch”

  1. See the faces of the two women – they are non-muslims and they are terrified of the violent muzz mob – IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR COUNTRY??? Get rid of these islamic parasites now!!!!.

  2. The OIC wants to stop any criticism of Islam. It wants a legally binding law, through the UN, that is mandatory on all countries.

    I never though I would see the day when criticising a religion, Islam, could become illegal. So how did this come about? Islam is after all, a predatory beast in human society.

    Let us look at other predatory beasts, such as lions, tigers, crocodiles etc, who were a menace to humans for epochs. But as humans became more intelligent and technologically advanced, they turned the tables on these predatory beasts. In the short space of a century, these predatory beasts became so few, that we had to declare them an endangered species, and ban their killing.

    We went further, we made huge areas of territory into wildlife and conservation parks, where these beasts could live without being shot by farmers. To make the venture pay, safari parks charged an entrance fee.

    What I see is that Muslims are asking the world, that Islam is designated an “endangered culture”. The trouble I have in granting that demand is that Muslims are forever shouting, that there are 1.2 bn Muslims in the world, and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

    Still, it is satisfying to note that Islam feels that it is losing the war. The fanatical frenzy is merely a symptom of losers. They are conditioned from birth to believe that Allah will make them victorious in battle or war. The result is quite the contrary. It must and will shake their belief.

  3. As these Muslim demonstrators, protest about some perceived insult, there must be ten times more who must be thinking that something is wrong with Islam.

    Islam’s demise has started. What we are seeing is the beginning of the end.

  4. For the dhimmwits who think that Islam can be reformed or modernized, fuggaboutit..ain’t happening on this planet. Can one modernize or reform totalitarianism, communism or facism?
    For the sake of all humanity and especially for women, it must
    be eradicated. Nothing good can come from evil, and assigning half the globe’s population/women, to tacit toilet status can never get anyone out of mental midgetry. Actually when you think about it, not even in the animal world do you see animosity toward the female gender, so this makes the koranimals even lower than the furry animals!

    Only when muslim women rise in numbers and have their voices heard into the heavens will this archaic, zombified religion cease. In this article one finds some hope, and yet, a real hopelessness that as long as men believe in moon gods and misogyny, nothing changes.

  5. @DP111

    I agree with you completely.

    The demise has started, but I actually think it is in a accelerated state of degeneration. They just have not realized it. It will only be discernible by historians in the future.

    When Muslims are all consigned back to one of the 56 shit holes they originated from they will lament their loss and they will eventually figure out that their lives were better pre 9/11 and it was 9/11 that was the Pandora that opened the box to their self created misery.

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