6 thoughts on “Feel Good Eid Story of the Day”

  1. Name any other so-called “religion” that has holidays based on the enjoyment of slaughtering animals, and make no mistake it is the slaughter they lust for, fricking savages!

  2. The poor cow probably did not survive, but it killed one of the enemies of intelligent civilisation – and it will be remembered fondly.

  3. Halal butchery is now gargantuan in scale. We are now being fed Halal slaughtered meat against our knowledge.Our once civilised society has reverted to ritual animal sacrifice, and is quite literally swimming, in an ocean of blood, as animals are slowly bled to death.

    How did this happen? How did we allow it? Why is the RSPCA, an organisation that is up in arms over a few diseased TB infected badgers, is silent while Halal slaughter is all around them?

    The idea of eating meat that has been ritually blessed by an imam whose religion calls for my slaughter, should be deeply offensive to any sane person. And yet the treasonous politicians are happy with it.

    History will judge us, and we will be found wanting, for we once were civilised, and knew good from evil.

  4. We do have halal meat in Tasmania – but I have a butcher that buys only grassfed meat from trusted abbatoirs.. …and free range chickens and eggs. I would rather be a vegetarian than eat halal sh… It may be good enough for the Muslims – but the karma they will inherit, we would not want to share.

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