Hicks claims he is exonerated by 'retrospective' court finding

Ammunition for the bleeding hearts brigades:
DAVID Hicks  aka Abu Dawood (or something) will seek to overturn his terrorism conviction and plans to sue the Australian government but former foreign minister Alexander Downer says Mr Hicks should be grateful he is still not in Guantanamo Bay.
A jihad jackass is something to be…..  Read more: 
What a load of crap:
the Pal’s are among the fattest people in the world:

Canuck Wisdom:


Philippino Delusions

Read the actual document itself, not just the mawkish “peace-is-at-hand” articles, and you will see that the “Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro” President Aquino yielded to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is clearly a roadmap for the republic’s dismemberment. …  Story at Inquirer Opinion  (Mullah)

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