"Islamic University" in Moscow

Moscow Islamic University promoting Islamic culture  (Mon Oct 8, 2012)

That’s a no brainer.  I mean really: why would an ‘Islamic university’ promote anything other than “Islamic culture?” But we all know what kind of culture that is. As usual, the trick is to get the kafirs to pay for their own demise:

… The Rector of the Institute marked the importance of the education quality. He stated the need for the development of the Islamic University, and the need for more supports of the government. …  Story and video at PressTV— via Mullah

One thought on “"Islamic University" in Moscow”

  1. This is under the Sharia….

    Mosques are a beachhead, political planning centers and symbols of domination which is why, under wiki, many mosques have the height of the minaret listed….a sort of islamic architectural version of penis envy.

    The same applies to outdoor prayers as we see in the photograph above…it is an act of aggression and intimidation and that is exactly why they do it. It is designed to be a matter of influence and open hostility and dominance and it is orchestrated by the imams and mullahs……and it is having the effect the mullahs and imams desire….the population of Moscow, abandoned by their political leaders, now have little alternative than to simply wander down the path of least resistance…….it is subjugation by default…

    This is not the act of pious, meek, mild and humble little muslims worshiping their God….this is a literal kick in the teeth to the residents of Moscow…

    But this is what is to be expected from muslims, one can no more blame muslims for doing this than one can blame a dog for humping your leg or a pig for rolling in the mud…its in their nature and it defines them….

    Look recently at the muslims that gathered on the grounds of Westminster Abby in London, England and engaged in the same outdoor prayer…..not one peep from the local population and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the duplicitous, conniving and cowardly bastard, simply smiles the smile of a fawning dhimmi…..and his parishioners……again, dhimmi’s by default.

    The reality is that any government or group of people with any sort of connection to reality and being even the poorest students of history, will know that this will come to blood, sooner or later….and blood is the only thing the muslims understand……..blood is the one thing Westerners fail to understand and it will be our undoing and lead to our eventual enslavement……and if you don’t believe me then read the koran and if you have an hour watch this excellent video where enslavement is exactly what these muslim leaders have in mind……and they don’t play games….they spit it out in plain language..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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