Jews for Jihad

WaPo finds  delusional Jewish billionaire, call’s him “activist” against free speech:

Jewicidal Jihad Supporter Edgar M. Bronfman:

Jewish activist: ‘Hate speech must not be accepted as civil discourse’ Edgar M. Bronfman Washington Post October 12—Bronfman makes rather outlandish claims: “the Muslim myth debunked”  (Pamela Geller:   Jewicidal Millionaire Activist Sides with Islamic Supremacist Smear Merchants Against Pro-Israel Ad)

Nigeria: #Savage Muslims attack churches, murdering at least 31

But Pamela Geller’s ads are the problem:

Nigeria: Muslims attack churches, murdering at least 31 Jihadwatch

UK: Muslims misunderstood Islam, planned “another 9/11”

L-R: Moe, Larry and Curly

Here again we see the high cost of misunderstanding the Religion of Peace: it leads young Muslims to plot mass murder. Yet nary a mosque in the U.K. or U.S. teaches against the jihad theology of al-Qaeda, and shows young Muslims why it represents a “highjacking” of Islam. How odd!

“British Al-Qaeda gang planned ‘another 9/11’ in UK,” by Tom Whitehead and Sam Marsden in the Telegraph, October 22 via Jihad Watch.

2 thoughts on “Jews for Jihad”

  1. Q: Dear Liberals (including dhim-witted liberal Jews like Bronfman):

    Islam is a racist, imperialist, colonialist, genocidal bunch of haters and it’s main superstitious religious text is a clearly-written us-versus-them hate-crime endorsing a permanent might-makes-right death-threat. These are all things you allegedly oppose!

    So… why do you instead always support this evil (bearing in mind that the nazis themselves were really only ‘white’ moslems!)?


    A: “Because moslems are poor brown people from Africa, and the nazis were rich white Europeans! This shallow, racist, static, false image of dynamic economic reality is what we choose to believe!”


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