So what's left of "secular Turkey?"

Meet the new Ottomans

Were Those Secular Turks Wrong To Be “So Afraid Of Islamism”?

Hugh Fitzgerald

From an article on Erdogan’s desire to go to war with Syria, by Suzy Hansen, in The New Republic: “The prime minister is autocratic and unpredictable but he’s not insane. For most of his political career, Erdogan was the swaggering, emotional leader of an oppressed religious minority …Read More…

Obama Supports a rapidly Islamising Turkey

Man crush: Bathouse Barry and his best buddy in the Islamic world:

Barack Obama’s support of Islamist takeovers of Middle East countries has been a bulwark for the Islamist leader of turkey, Recep Erdogan. Erdogan’s Justice and Development party (AKP), has inspired the Islamist parties that rose to leadership in Tunisia and Egypt. Erdogan is affecting the areas around him profoundly.

Muslim Conspiracy Theorists Are Everywhere

Anxious Turks suspect US plot is behind Syria’s implosion Christian Science Monitor-5 hours ago “What’s happening in Syria is all part of America’s great project to reshape the borders of the Middle East. America and its allies don’t care … …Read More…
Americans Might Support The Islamizing Despot Erdogan Against The Un-Islamizing Despot Assad
Ignorance & crazyness don’t make good foreign policy:
From The Washington Post: U.S. steps up support of Turkey amid Syrian conflict By Craig Whitlock October 19 The U.S. government is intensifying its intelligence sharing and military consultations with Turkey behind the scenes as both countries confront the possibility that Syria’s civil …Read More…
Benjamin Hall: Among The Snipers Of Aleppo
The most important sentence is the one I have put in bold: ” In Aleppo, I heard Salafi jihadists talk of slaying the minority Alawites, and call for both the immediate support of America, and its immediate demise.” From The New York Times: October 18, 2012 Among the Snipers of Aleppo By …Read More…
This is the kind of law that Islamic supremacists want to bring West, and an increasing chorus of Western Leftists is joining them in the call to criminalize criticism of Islam. “Turkish pianist Fazil Say goes on trial accused of insulting Islam on Twitter,” from theAssociated Press, October 18