Kafir's don't understand Islam

Allah be praised, because if they did it the end would come swiftly for Islam.
[On Islam] What Most Kuffar Don’t Know (all lies, anyway)

There are many aspects of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) personality that are not just admirable in and of themselves, but also exemplary because they highlight his great humility and approachability as a person, despite his high-ranking status as the last messenger of God, and as the indisputable leader of the Muslims.

More on the false prophet and the leader of muslims to destruction at On Islam  By Sadaf Farooqi
There’s a (interfaith-)sucker born every minute:  “Pushback Against Growing Islamophobia”
“Nothing gives weight to bigotry more than ignorance,” said Rev. Welton Gaddy, a Baptist minister–More support for islam and jihad at Inter Press Service
“People who murder schoolgirls are not Muslims” 
 Paki females hold banners in Islamabad, Pakistan, during a protest condemning the attack on schoolgirl Malala Yousufzai.
Raheel Raza received a torrent of messages from Muslims after the posting, claiming that the Taliban were not Muslim.

“Somehow if the accused is not a Muslim it’s not considered their responsibility. People distance themselves by saying they’re not Muslims,” she says.

“The unfortunate truth of the matter is that they are Muslim. Saying they are not Muslims does not solve the problem.

Robert Spencer on Michael Coren: Canada and Pastor Jones, the lack of leftist outrage over a teen girl shot by Taliban –Vlad Tepes

Who wants to know?
That’s BS and he knows it. If there are 6 million Mustards in France, we can safely say that 10 % are active “mujaheddin’.  That’s 600 000, far more than the French army and the police combined. But for a polit-clown its much safer to say there are only a few hundred.

Following the arrest of a terror cell responsible for planning and executing a grenade attack on a Jewish store in Sarcelles, France, earlier this year, the country’s interior minister has spoken out regarding the threat that homegrown Islamist terrorists pose to all French citizens and French Jews in particular.

“We know that there are dozens, even hundreds of individuals who are capable of organising themselves like the group that has just been dismantled,” Interior Minister Manuel Valls said.  “Several other similar groups are being watched. There’s a real threat. Radical Islamism…thrives on fantasies, on hatred towards our country and towards French Jews.”– (Atlas Shrugs)


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8 thoughts on “Kafir's don't understand Islam”

  1. To the women of Pakistan – unless you stand up to the thugs who have hijacked your country, and who shot the young lady nothing will change. The evil IS islam, and islamic males are cowards will will continue to oppress you unless YOU stand up and make them accept you as equals. You have to do this together, not alone, because the cowards that tried to murder the brave young girl will try to murder you. The reward will be for your children, who might have a chance to grow up in a pakistan unchained by the evil that is found in islam. The single characteristic that defines the islamist is their violence and mindless stupidity – are you folks really that stupid and evil!!!???

  2. Sheikh wrote: If there are 6 million Mustards in France, we can safely say that 10 % are active “mujaheddin’.

    And the rest 90% support the imposition of sharia. These are the moderates of Islam.

  3. This poor Pakistani girl is not safe in the hospital, even with a police guard, as it is just as likely that one of the armed policeman assigned to guard her, will shoot her, and then a make break for Waziristan.

  4. “People who murder schoolgirls are not Muslims”

    But they are. They are far better Muslims then those who deny it from ignorance. OTH, they are not if they do so to protect the Jihadis and Islam.

  5. The guard is a secret Taliwhacker who wants to throw acid on her before he shoots her again. That is one hell hole to avoid. Then she will have no one to save her.

  6. What this Taliban guy in this heinous cruel ,viscious, bruital action with murderuus intent exposes that Islam is a religion of extreme misogyny. Thus are this Islamic guys evil and cold hearted actions are result of those mind programed in the mosque and madrassas by the imams and mullahs into the Quranic mindset. To put this another way in the book the Brigtte Gabriel, the founder of actforameria.com, THEY MUST BE STOPPED reads “Women in Islam are considered unclean, deemed inferior even to dirt.”

  7. Women is inferior in Bible, so ჩემი ყლე ჩეიდევით

  8. This kafir certainly does not want to understand islam they way muslims want me to understand it. I prefer the facts to lies.

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