Kumbaya Clowns & Arson Jihad

Shameless & stoopid:

Kumbaya Clown Bob Roberts, a prominent Evangelical megachurch pastor from Texas, fawns & prostrates himself before MuBro headbanger Muhammad Morsi and Wahabi propagandist John Esposito:

“To us a Salafist would be a liberal!”

Roberts’ joke is not funny. It’s obscene. There is simply no comparison between Evangelical Protestants in the U.S. and people who have cut off the ear of a Christian in an attempt to get him to convert, set fire to a church in Cairo, and evicted Christians from their homes throughout Egypt.  (Joking with genocidal lunatics)

Dancing Arabs

Israel: Wave of Fires May Be Arson Jihad; Four Local Muslims Caught Near Jerusalem Fire

Arab citizens of Israel use arson as a simple means of inflicting terror and destruction upon the Jewish state. Large scale fires recently consumed 5,000 acres in the Golan Heights. A fire was set in the Gilad Farm several weeks ago and an Arab was seen fleeing by a group of soldiers in the area…

According to an unconfirmed report on rotter.net, Radio Haifa reported that Arabs have been dancing in the streets of Furadis, just south of Haifa, in celebration of the deadly fire.

Israel Loves America (Posters)

Islamic Jihad holds terror celebration

Today, Islamic Jihad celebrated its 25th anniversary, and thousands attended  the celebration in Gaza.  Everybody came! Target rich environment!

Are you allowed to grope young boys in public in Gaza?

Grandma wants a piece of that delicious jihad flavor!

Too weak to enforce the law:

Israeli judge says, but doesn’t rule, that Jews should be allowed to pray on Temple Mount

From Ha’aretz via the Elder:
A Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court judge said Wednesday that the police should allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount – an exceptional remark given that the High Court of Justice has ruled that policy on the Temple Mount is the sole purview of the police.

Police currently enforce the Muslim ban on Jewish prayer at the site, citing security concerns.

“There is room to allow for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount,” said Judge Malka Aviv, during a remand hearing for Hagai Weiss, the son of Prof. Hillel Weiss, who was arrested on suspicion of trying to pray at the site.

Here is one scandalous photo of Jews “storming” the Temple Mount today, which caused a mini-riot.
No Moochers to see here:

“Far more remarkable than millions of invented Palestinian refugees receiving UNRWA largesse is the even larger number of Jewish refugees from Arab states who, along with their children, have rejected perpetual dependence and special pleading to build fulfilling lives elsewhere. Indeed, a Committee of Baghdadi Jews in Ramat Gan (Israel) opposes the effort to equate Jewish and Arab refugees as a politically driven effort to offset Palestinian claims, rather than a genuine attempt to rectify individual losses.”