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  1. Because the MSM probably rewrote many of her comments to dilute the message. The enemy is at home – get rid of it and the islamic parasites will be terminatated very quickly. There is a game within a game – and the islamists are simply dupes for a cause they don’t even comprehend.

  2. Taken at face value, this is one of the most heartening videos I’ve seen in a long time.

    Pamela Geller, Lara Logan and Ann Barnhardt (remember her?) would make a formidable trio. Our Supremes.

  3. I don’t know about her. She’s the moron who was dragged into the mob in Egypt where she went to report on the Arab Spring liberating Egyptians from tyranny but got more than she bargained for. Yet soon afterwards was explaining away the experience as men behaving badly like they might do anywhere in the world.

    1. Give her a chance!

      She may have learned something. What you hear in the vid is quite encouraging; she says what needs to be said. No need to rub salt into the wound.

  4. Oh yeah and she probably had her insurance on CBS pick up the bill. Part of why it is so hard to trust people who call themselves “media” all I know is there was supposed to be a youtube video of it like there was with the Polish girls but that was taken down too fast for me to find it. It is heartening but also poignant that she had to endure all the suffering to be able to understand. Somehow she is still out of touch but I can have sympathy for her point of view but why go to a country where there are hundreds of homeless men on the streets wandering around with nothing to do. She just had to for her work but that’s no life to be living.

  5. She said some very important things to keep in mind – “in your arrogance you think you write the script” – she was talking anyone who thinks we can change Islamist’s and it certainly pertains to Obama’s mind set that HE can make the changes necessary. BS – he is a Muslim Brotherhood tool!
    Another chilling quote – “we think we’ve won the campaign when they haven’t even begun to fight.” WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  6. Thanks for bringing us this tape, Sheik.

    Of course one cannot help, when seeing/hearing Lara Logan , to remember “that” Arab spring and her personal experience of it and, as far as I am concerned, getting angry. So I was disturbed hearing her speak about 2006 when she was “embedded” with the Taliban…”among 300 of those men..” ???

    Another thing which I found (slightly) disturbing was her giving a free pass to HAMAS, it nearly seems as if she was excusing them?

    And, you may call me “thick” I did not understand: does she want the West out of Afghanistan now?? Personally, while I think we should be out of there (and all of “them” should be out of our space), I hesitate to say so, thinking of the poor families who lost their sons over there and who would have their heads done in thinking that it was all for nothing. (Of course it was for nothing, but somehow we should not rub this salt into their wounds, I think).

    As to Lara Logan: she has come a long way and I hope she will continue in the direction she has taken now, because it is the right one. As to her looks: she was blond and pretty telegenic before, now she looks quite beautiful, with a beauty that seems to come from the inside.

  7. She will probably get much, much tougher as time goes on. She hasn’t even begun to recover from what happened to her. It will take many years. We need people like her who have had horrible experiences with Muslims, seen them for what they are, experienced them for what they are. It’s in her bones now and will work on her every day for the rest of her life. I have a feeling that we have gained a new formidable ally.

  8. To Pray Hard. I completely agree she will become more tough. She is a Mother and somewhere in the back of her mind every time she looks at her children she will see danger – for them.

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