LEAKED VIDEO: Algerian Muslims Slaughtering Police Officers

The same modus operandi like the jihadists in the south of Thailand. We recently posted almost identical videos where the soldiers of allah shoot policemen  off their motorcycles to steal their weapons. (Ted Shoebat)

This video shows Algerian jihadists slaughtering innocent police officers just driving down the road. It just came out today; but what is Algeria doing today? Demanding the end of the First Amendment (from Seattle PI):

Algeria is proposing an initiative under the auspices of the United Nations that would limit freedom of expression in order to prevent the stigmatizing and denigrating of Islam.

4 thoughts on “LEAKED VIDEO: Algerian Muslims Slaughtering Police Officers”

  1. These are the scum that have infected France. No muslim can be trusted there and France has a major fight on its hands.

  2. Evil, pure evil, I sincerely hope there is a hell and these arseholes get front row seats they deserve it.

    Religion of evil tendencies.

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