WA Premier Colin Barnett: "Mr Wilders' views could stir violent tensions"

Robert Spencer: The Fashionable New Cowardice

WA premier Colin Barnett displays cowardice in the face of violent intimidation, and loss of any understanding of who is responsible when someone becomes violent, a disease that is becoming  pandemic.

Without anyone really noticing, cowardice has overtaken our public square, and is now widely retailed as if it were the sensible, proper response to violent Muslim intimidation.

Barnett says anti-Islam Wilders not welcome in WA

The Premier Colin Barnett says the right wing Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, is not welcome in Western Australia.

The Federal Government has approved a visa for the anti-Islam campaigner who could speak in Perth as part of a national tour next year.

Mr Barnett says Mr Wilders’ views could stir violent tensions.

Muslims stir violent tensions, not Geert Wilders.

“He’s got a right to say it but I do not want to see tensions between the Islamic community and the wider community stirred up, potentially into demonstrations or even violence, because a Dutch politician wants to come here and promote himself,” he said.

Good dhimmi, Barnett. With that kind of mindset we’re already under sharia.

Mr Barnett says the politician will not be offered Government venues.

Barnett is a hero in his own mind.

“As far as I’m concerned, while there would be no attempt to ban him from Western Australia, he is not welcome,” he said.

“No State Government venue will be made available for him to hold public meetings or the like.

“So, he can come but he’ll receive no Government involvement and in fact we won’t allow him to use Government facilities.”

How courageous!

The group planning to host Mr Wilders has criticised the Premier’s comments.

A spokesman for the Q Society, Andrew Horwood, says they are an assault on free speech.

“I don’t think the west should spend the rest of its life walking around on eggshells because there’s a group of people who get very easily offended,” he said.

“I think it’s important for the future of this country that we have clear and open discussion of all points of view about Islam.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?


Nice to see that not all politicians are in the bag for dhimmitude and sharia:

Letter from Mr Stuart Robert MP | Member for Fadden

The decision to grant a visa is ultimately a matter for the Minister who has access to all relevant briefings, however, Minister’s Bowen treatment of the cases involving Taji Mustafa and Geert Wilders gives the perception of double standards.

By his own actions and those of his Department, Minister Bowen has applied the rules selectively and seems to be more concerned about some extreme views more than others.

Minister Bowen immediately granted a visa to Mr Mustafa yet delayed a decision on Geert Wilders visa application for around six weeks.

In addition, Mr Bowen then chose to publicly criticise Mr Wilders’ extreme views on Islam while remaining relatively silent on the views of Mr Mustafa and the extreme Islamist organisation, Hizb ut –Tahrir, he represents.

Mr Mustafa was not on the government’s movement alert list and was immediately granted a visa. The Coaltion has since requested that foreign leaders of Hizb –ut Tahrir be placed on our movement alert list.  By contrast, Mr Wilders is on the movement alert list and had his visa application delayed for about six weeks, despite other members of his party being granted visas almost immediately.

Minister Bowen told the Parliament he could not refuse a visa for Mr Mustafa because “Hizb ut-Tahrir has not been proscribed in Australia and nor has it been proscribed in the United States or the United Kingdom…[his] entry permit was issued in accordance with the normal procedures for British nationals.” On this test Mr Wilders should also have received his visas automatically, as was the case for the other members of his travelling party.

Mr Wilders is not a member of a proscribed organisation, nor has he been convicted of any crime, the other test put forward by Mr Bowen in relation to supporting his decision to grant a visa to Mr Mustafa.

Mr Wilders is an elected member of the Dutch Parliament, a long standing ally of Australia and a robust liberal democracy.

In addition, the decision of the Brown Labour government to previously in Britain to deny Mr Wilders entry to the UK was overturned.

The appearance of a double standard by Minster Bowen in dealing with the Mustafa and Wilders cases undermines public confidence in and erodes the capacity of the government to make immigration decisions in the national interest.

There are arguments for and against whether Wilders should have been allowed to come to Australia just at there are for Mr Mustafa. However the weak stance taken by Minister Bowen in relation to Mr Mustafa  means that if he is happy for Mr Mustafa to come, he could hardly have then rejected Mr Wilders’ application.

Stuart Robert MP | Member for Fadden

Shadow Minister for Defence Science, Technology and Personnel

P:02 6277 2106 (Canberra)

P 07 5500 5919 (Queensland)

7 thoughts on “WA Premier Colin Barnett: "Mr Wilders' views could stir violent tensions"”

  1. We have to realise that neither Labor or Liberal are going to save this country.
    We have to let them know this somehow.
    Both are P*** weak, IMHO.

    Neither seems to be capable of standing up for freedom and free speech!

  2. I wish we didn’t have compulsory voting. We are always left with voting for the lesser of two evils.

    For what it is worth I am not convinced we will ever have another election. This explains why Gillard et al don’t care what most people think about her or her trashing of the country.

    If I had a daughter or son who has wrecked this country so much in such a short time I would die of shame!

    1. Its a socialist takeover, just like in France, in Scandinavia, in the U.S. and many other countries. Islamisation is the price for the socialist utopia.

      Like Germaine Greer said: ‘too bad we can’t get Marxism without the burqa’

  3. Let’s hope they don’t succeed Sheik. I know it looks bleak but who knows?

    I like to count on Muslim countries because none of them can trust each other. They all know they lie all the time!!

  4. for Gramfan,
    If you are not compelled to vote and you abstain, then that is one vote closer to having a minority ruling your country – as is the case right now, because Gillard negotiated to have Independents supporting her cause. How do you like it? The wise men who made the ballot compulsory at State and Federal level had sound reasons for doing so.

  5. GramFan
    “ChickenStrangler” is correct – democracy ONLY works when the majoritiy makes informed decisions when participating in the electoral process.

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