Londonistan: “Muslims have feelings too”, “Stop hurting Muslims”, “Insulting the prophet is insulting 1.5 billion Muslims”….

Are they all savages?

Hundreds of “British Muslims” have demonstrated once again in the UK…

(“British Muslims” — LOL!)

The protesters, who gathered in Parliament Square on Saturday October 6, called on the British government to pass a law against insults to Islamic sanctities as it has already approved a legislation to ban anti-Semitism.

The Muslim demonstrators also carried banners, reading “Our prophet our honor”, “Muslims have feelings too”, “Stop hurting Muslims”, “Insulting the prophet is insulting 1.5 billion Muslims”, “Stop Islamophobia” and “The prophet is dearer to us than our kids”. …

“The glorious faith of Islam”

 Meanwhile, Britain’s Office of Communications, known as OfCom, ruled out inquiry into a possible breach of code by the UK Channel 4 documentary called “Islam: The Untold Story”, which has received more than 1,000 complaints from members of the public because of its distortion of the reality of the glorious faith of Islam.

Koranimals Conquer Westminster Abbey, Videographer Arrested

England under sharia!

Everything Koranimals do is highly symbolic. Try and do your prayers once in Porkistan or in Cairo, outside of a mosque! Chances are, you will not survive to tell the tale. Here, in Islamic UK, they arrested the guy who documented it.

If Jews or Christians do a prayer session on the grounds of one of England’s most iconic mosques it will be seen as a provocation. They will be arrested or removed, or undertake some “sensitivity training”. It would be filmed and since Muslims would find this offensive everyone would be agreed  that something would have to be done.

But if Muslims do a typical provocative prayer session at one of the worlds most iconic Christian buildings, then it is everyone else who has to be very careful how they tread.

How is this not the sharia? The grotesque and totalitarian warping of equality of the law for all to tilt in favour of Islam?

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Appeasement of Islam 

Four years of Obama has shown once again that engagement does not work. Not only doesn’t it work, it actually emboldens the enemy and allows the enemy to infiltrate deep within our societies and to corrupt our institutions. That very engagement leads to censorship in the name of friendship. It leads to news articles and books that cannot be printed because they might sabotage the chances for peace.  (Sultan Knish)


3 thoughts on “Londonistan: “Muslims have feelings too”, “Stop hurting Muslims”, “Insulting the prophet is insulting 1.5 billion Muslims”….”

  1. All this talk of “insulting Muhammad” may ,in times, be nothing less then truth telling or truth exposing. The Bible does indeed explain that if some claims that he is speaking for God yet his words and teaching are in contradiction to the written Word of God, the BIble that his claim is false and he is lying. For in Isaiah 8:20 it teachss “To the law of the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because ther is no light in them.” For example Muhammad taught that Jesus was not the God Man which Christianity teaches. In contrast the testimony of Bible teaches that Jesus in God John 1:1-3. Cloossians 1:15-17. Hebrews 1:8. First John 5:20. Also one need to do is to compair Isaiah 23:45:22,23. with Philippian 2:5-11 to find out that Jesus is God. Likewise to compaire Psalm 89:8,9. with Matthew 8:23 -27 will further confirm that Jesus is God. Futhermore, Muhammad taught that Jesus didn’t really go to the cross, By contrast, The Word, the Bible teaches that Jesus ,in fact, did go to the cross then died then was buried then rose from the dead., Matthew 27:32 though 56 shows this and the whole chapter of Mathew 28 futher exposes this. This may also be seen in First Corinthians 15:1-8 In short this “insulting of Muhammad” may be noting less then exposing the truth about him. In that he was a lying deceptive false prophet that was sent by Satan.

  2. It is a well known fact that Moslems have no feelings for us nonbelievers. Moslems and most other Oriental Asians or Middleeasterners(whenever they have the upper hands) have no respect for our Western civilisation and are deviously, haughtily, aggressively and rudely anti-Westerners, for no valid reason.

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