Mali's Full Blown Sharia Hell

A senior U.N. official who just returned from Mali says radical Islamists who now control about two-thirds of the country are targeting women – demanding that they cover their heads, restricting their ability to work, and compiling a list of women who are pregnant or have children but are not married which has raised fears of  (sharia) punishment. 

Mali Islamists threaten to “open the doors of hell” on France

Mali Islamists threaten to murder French hostages if Hollande keeps pushing for an armed intervention.

In a public statement, a spokesman for the terrorist group, naturally, made threats to commit more human rights abuses. “If [French President Francois Hollande] continues to throw oil on the fire, we will send him the pictures of dead French hostages in the coming days,” Oumar Ould Hamaha, a spokesman for Islamist group MUJWA, told Reuters. Hamaha was referencing six French people who are currently being held hostage by Mali terrorists.

“He will not be able to count the bodies of French expatriates across West Africa and elsewhere,” Hamaha added.

UN official says human rights abuses “systematic” under Sharia in Mali

What? The whole Sharia regime has apparently been instituted by Misunderstanders of Islam who don’t realize that Sharia is benign and completely compatible with Western principles of human rights. How odd!

“Mali: Human rights abuses in are now ‘more systematic’ – U.N.,” from Xinhua, October 12 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

BBC News – Mali Islamists ‘buying child soldiers, imposing Sharia’

Islamists who seized control of part of Mali are amassing money from ransoms and drug trafficking while imposing Sharia law,

Sharia in action in Mali:

Islamic supremacists taking names of unmarried mothers, eyeing future stonings

“We don’t have to answer to anyone over the application of sharia. This is the form of Islam practiced for thousands of years.” Indeed. The only ones who don’t know that are enlightened Western Leftists and mainstream media “journalists.”

“Unwed Mothers And Pregnant Women Out Of Wedlock Fear For Their Lives In Northern Mali,” by Nichole Mischke for, October 12 (thanks to The Religion of Peace) (Thanks to JW for the links)

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