We're not supposed to know who arrives on our shores….


The unelected moochers in Canberra who are  looting the country  like never before have no qualms to import tens of thousands of muselmaniacs to tip the balance of power forever; totally ignorant of the fact that these new arrivals  arrive here with a genocidal mental baggage and a diehard determination to make Australia Islamic.  Immigration minister Chris Bowen rubber-stamps visas for radical Islamic headbangers, but when it comes to counter moonbats like Geert Wilders he goes straight into hibernation. Adding insult to injury, he just issued a visa to convicted rapist and  serial inmate Mike Tyson, who, in his charming ways, promptly  endorses the Gillard goose:

Gillard gets the perfect endorsement

If you saw the news tonight you would have noticed that the state-run media blurs the images of the new arrivals. We are forced to pay for them, but we’re not allowed to know who they are.

Earlier this year the Oz already noticed:

In other news, there are now 2 million Australians who live below the poverty line.

It’s not working— Andrew Bolt

Let me repeat: Nauru has failed…

TWO suspected asylum seeker boats with more than 150 people on board have been intercepted by Australian authorities.

On Saturday, ACV Hervey Bay intercepted a vessel with 49 people northwest of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, while HMAS Bundaberg intercepted another boat with 104 passengers off Christmas Island.

On Friday:

THE Australian navy has gone to the assistance of a suspected asylum seeker boat carrying up to 200 people.

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said patrol boats HMAS Bundaberg and HMAS Wollongong, operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), rendered assistance to the vessel north east of Christmas Island last night.

Initial indications suggest there were 188 people on board, he said.


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  1. I’m not an Australian, but my advice to ANY country with a long coastline – and yours is IMMENSE – is to make your navy a huge priority. You need to devote some of your budget to a blue-water navy and the rest of it to guarding your coast to make sure that no foreign watercraft gets in or out uninvited. That’s where the majority of your national budget should go.

    And stop taking refugees unless you can be sure that NONE of them are Muslims. You might require that, to be admitted, every refugee must publicly disavow Islam, both vocally in front of witnesses, and in writing, and publish their affidavits online. The only other alternative is to take no refugees at all. You have no obligation to take any.

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