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‘Respeck’ for the Profit of Islam:

“Freedom and responsibility”

It must be emphasised on the US and other western nations that freedom of expression must be respected but not at the cost of desecration of any religion and its sacred personages. This trend has to be stopped forthwith.

Spreading Islam with Infidel Money

… “We are very excited about this grant,” said Sufia Uddin, associate professor of religious studies, who will oversee the project. …

“Islam is the future  of the world”

Islamic headbanger Sheikh Raed Salah brought his hate message to Be’er Sheva to incite Muslims against Israeli “terrorists.”  Be’er Sheva is part of the “Al Quds campaign to liberate” Jerusalem and surrounding cities for “Palestine.”

 He labeled Israeli leaders as “crazy,” “terrorists” and “enemies of Allah and the Prophet Mohammed.”

Outrage Grows, “Punishment” Demanded:

 … Outrage has grown globally over the anti-Islam movie followed by the sacrilegious cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) published by French weekly Charlie Hebdo on September 19 in yet another proof of the West’s Islamophobia campaign.

Protesters demand that Washington apologize to the Muslim world over the film. They also call for the punishment of those behind the film. …

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