OBAMA is not one of us. He is one of them.

Curiously, this is what the Muselputz is saying about Romney:

Who Are  Radical Muslims Activists Visiting the White House, and How Concerned Should We Be?

“The White House has selectively omitted genuine [Muslim] moderates and instead has picked radical Muslims to meet.”–Read More »

Will History View Obama as the Wrong Kind of Christian — or the Father of a New Progressive Faith?

My greatest hope is that the Moonbat Messiah will be erased from history.

“Joining a church doesn’t mean you’re a Christian. You can put me in the garage, but that doesn’t turn me into a car.”–Read More »

Hussein Obama in his Harfart years:

“It means white conservatives can trust me, and it means I can stake out my positions and be myself.”–Read More »

Voter Fraud is a ‘Human Right?”

The Obama Regime has made it crystal clear that voter fraud is a cornerstone of its 2012 reelection strategy:  United Nations Denounces Romney, Plans to Send Election Meddlers

Billboards Warning Against Voter Fraud Forced Down

Reuters taking this picture through barbed wire was a less than subtle touch. (Moonbattery)

Maybe Democrats won’t need to bring in accomplices from the United Nations to conduct the voter fraud upon which they have pinned their election hopes. Resistance to their banana republic tactics are effortlessly crumbling:

Things have come to a pretty pass when liberals can say with a straight face that it is “intimidation” to remind people that voter fraud is still technically against the law.

An Important Message From Trevor Loudon   (via Gramfan)

Posted on October 21, 2012 by  // Hillbuzz

I just got off the phone with my dear friend, Trevor Loudon, and he asked me to post this video.  You need to know exactly what to expect if Barrack Obama is re-elected, and it is MUCH worse than you think.    The United States is the last bastion of Western Civilization, but if Obama is re-elected, we could lose our freedoms.   Trevor is from New Zealand, but he knows that if the USA goes down, then the rest of the world will go down.  He is not just fighting for America, he is fighting for the world.

Please watch this video and pass it on to your friends.  It is absolutely riveting.

Oh, and if you want to buy his book, “Barrack Obama And The Enemies Within”, please use the Amazon button on HillBuzz.—Read more >>>

Farraklown Lambastes Romney in Unhinged Rant & Claims American Exceptionalism Is an ‘Exceptional Lie’

“…we not givin’ white folk one more day to claim this as yours exclusively.”–Read More »


6 thoughts on “OBAMA is not one of us. He is one of them.”

  1. Wow, that video by Trevor Loudon is revealing. So much more makes sense now. We are in for a world of hurt if the traitor-in-chief is re-elected. I urge you to watch the vid.

  2. Agreed WPF – the implications of the above tape have been suspected by myself for some time – slowly the proofs are coming together and when all is complete the left wing jerks, who have been stabbing us behind our backs for a considerable period, will be brought to task.

  3. The Labour party in the UK, Australia, NZ, the Democratic party in the US, are all infiltrated heavily by communists. There has been no change in the situation. They are still there but now occupy positions of power. Obama is one of them, but with Islamic sympathies.

  4. @DP111,

    I agree, that the UK, Australia, NZ and the US have all been infiltrated by the communists. We thought with the fall of the wall, we were well shot of these losers. Little did we know they were regrouping and re-branding.

    It is infuriating that these pathetic hypocritical losers, especially in the UK, Australia, NZ and the US who have had safe and protected lives in West. Would still perpetuate and advocate for an ideology that has caused suffering and the deaths for tens of millions people, who were denied the rights, privileges and everyday luxuries that they took for granted.

    When they suffer the indignity of living in constant fear, terror, torture and death that the survivors of the communist state have endured, then and only then can they have a view.

    How dare they. On the graves of those that were murdered by the communist. How fucken dare they, the sniveling posers.

    Oh, and UN can fuck off too.

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