"Out of context" Trad a "moderate?"

Lame stream media scribblers are getting high on  Kool Aid instead of ink these days.

Cozmik debris from Cosima Marriner/Brisbane Times:

Protests as Muslim college ousts “moderate leader”

Parents and students believe Mr Trad, who is also a college trustee, was forced out because he introduced a more moderate style to the school in the imam’s absence. The P&C president, Ree Pirzada, said she was very disappointed Mr Trad has been asked to leave, because he was ”excellent for the school”.–Read more

Our records show that Trad is hardcore, like all ‘good muslims’ are:

” There is little doubt that many of the plaintiff’s remarks are offensive to Jewish persons and homosexuals,” Justice McClellan said in his judgment. 

“Optimal” in Benghazi

Speaking from her home in San Diego, Mrs Smith, 72, continued: ‘It’s insensitive to say my son is not very optimal – he is also very dead. I’ve not been “optimal” since he died.’  — Mark Steyn

African Refugees Say Arab Muslims More Racist than Europeans

The migrants are reluctant to believe that they might meet more racism in Europe than in Morocco. “Black and white people are good together,” claims Aboubakr.

DOJ: Violent Attacks on Whites Increased %18

Serious Violent Crimes against whites increased by 13 percent. Serious Violent Crimes against the elderly went up 91 percent. The old white male, based on the latest DOJ statistics, appears to not only be a favorite punching bag for the Democratic Party, but also for its voting base.

Libya, Jordan and Obama’s Guiding Lights »


 The conceptual framework that led to the Benghazi attack and the unraveling of the Middle East.

Is the UN going to stack the deck for the Obamsters reelection?

The Hill is reporting that The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democracy and human rights projects, will be deploying several dozen observers across the United States amid concerns of voter suppression.  Alerted by left-leaning civil rights groups, they are apparently on the lookout for “systematic” efforts to prevent minorities from voting for President Obama.   (The Hill continues)

Salafists destroy ancient Morocco carvings: NGO

Who needs the remnants of the Jahiliyya anyway? Everything that remains from pre-Islamic times must be destroyed because the believers could be confused in their deen:

RABAT — Stone carvings in Morocco’s High Atlas mountains dating back more than 8,000 years and depicting the sun as a pagan divinity have been destroyed by Salafists, a local rights group said on Wednesday. (AFP)

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  1. More about “moderate” Trad:

    It’s funny to see the pot call the kettle black, he’s the one on TV every night crying racism.

    This is his writing from 1996/7…. its vile, please post it far and wide, lets show people what these moderates are up to.

    “our ideology is the best salvation for the people of Australia, and the people of the world in general. Yes, we are a threat to the culture of drunkenness, paedophilia, and mostly we are a big threat to the culture of ELITISM.”

    “In a way, they feel safe because of the quantity of water which surrounds this country, so they feel fortified behind this great body, it gives them a feeling of security. But the reality is, the land belongs to God, not to them, and if those foreigners, whom they fear as migrants are not permitted to enter as migrants, they will come as settlers, in numbers so large that they will not be able to process them, hold them, or stop them. What will they do then? If these foreigners who are restraining themselves, because they see a legal hope, that they can come to this vast mainly uninhabited land for whatever reason, are told that there is no longer a legal way to come here, what will they do?”

    Sounds like the answer to Keysar’s question is jihad on Australia.

    Presently we are experiencing the social aspect of jihad, colonization,pro sharia propaganda, legislation and civil threats and violence.

    Read it all here:
    Racism: An Islamic response.was first published in the 16th issue of Nida’ul Islam magazine (http://www.islam.org.au),December – January 1996-97)

    Thanks to Democracy Front Line for spreading the word

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