Preemptive Arrests? Tommy Robinson and 53 EDL supporters held after Police Motorway Sting

Fifty three members of  English Defence League members were arrested on the M1 this afternoon whilst allegedly travelling to target a mosque in London.

Members were said to have gathered in a pub in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, before boarding a furniture removal van. Police in riot vans pulled the van over after laying in wait for them on the motorway.

The plan was to use the TUC demonstration in London as a cover knowing the Met police would be stretched the maximum.

Among those arrested are EDL leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon and we also believe that Deputy leader Kevin Carroll who is also running for the Police commissioner’s position in Bedfordshire on behalf of the EDL’s political wing, the British Freedom Party has also been arrested as well as leader of the British Freedom Party, Paul Weston.

It is alleged that the hired vehicles were to be used as a Trojan horses in order to get large amount of fascists near to their targets quickly and efficiently.

This stunt is thought to have been carried out to boost Tommy Robinson’s profile after a series of disastrous demonstrations, most noticeably in Walthamstow, east London where they were escorted out of the area for their own safety whilst Tommy, Kev and Paul Weston disappeared back to Luton, leaving the 200 or so that has turned up mass arrested for hours and stranded in the Capital.

Earlier in the week Tommy had been bragging about his ‘boys day out’ on Twitter.


The information was passed to us by a member of the British Freedom Party who had thought this action was going too far  for her liking.

Other members of both organisations were also concerned that the action had gone to far from their mission statements when this was posted on a Facebook Group this afternoon

5 thoughts on “Preemptive Arrests? Tommy Robinson and 53 EDL supporters held after Police Motorway Sting”

  1. I wish the rest of the English would wake up, join Tommy, and let the police arrest their whole non-moslem population. Of course, there are so many useful idiots and others with their heads up their butts that it won’t happen AND then the English will think they will have to run… like so many others do who sat and did nothing… and one day they will have no where to run. And they leave the utter crap they have created for their children to deal with.

  2. I call shenanagans!

    The top story is from a dedicated anti EDL site that does not link to a news source or cite a news source. That’s big ole commie china sized red flag.

    The second link is to something called “The Daily Star”. Comments are not allowed under the story. Also the top story on the left was a story “couple protected by police after call by Nick Griffin.”

    It’s caliber appears to be far far below the Daily Mail, the Telegraph or even the Guardian, which are the usual news sources in news from out of Britian.

    It looks more legit but doesn’t have nearly as much info as the non legit site that doesn’t cite or link to legitimate news sources.

    So unless other sources exist about this story that do not relie upon either of the sources presented here, this is BULLSHIT!

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