Phoney kumbaya preacher Jim Wallis to Pamela Geller: "Please stop talking"

Cringing dhimmies submit, advocate tolerance of evil

Dhimmi Christian Jim Wallis to Pamela Geller: “Please stop talking”

Wallis says that people might get hurt because of Geller’s ad. Note how thoroughly he has absorbed the dhimmi mindset: he assumes that if Muslims become violent, it is the fault of non-Muslims, who must adjust their behavior in order to placate them. (Watch the clip.)

 Just stop talking!

Muslims terrorize infidels in Thailand, Afghanistan, Kenya, Bangladesh — Algeria at UN demands criminalizing of criticism of Islam

If “Islamophobia” is criminalized, will these attacks on infidels stop? No, of course not. The only thing that will stop will be the infidels’ ability to speak about and resist the jihad onslaught.

“Algeria at UN: Limit free speech, protect Islam,” by David Stringer for the Associated Press, September 30: this is what western governments and the enemedia supports.

Welcome to the all new, all Islamic Tunisia

Woman Raped by Tunisian Police Faces Jail Time for ‘Indecent Behavior’—Read More »
Makes sense, doesn’t it?  She’s lucky she’s not being stoned to death for adultery. So now they can rape her in jail.

 Egypt, what a place:

‘Credible Information’: U.S. Embassy Issues Terror Warning for Female Missionaries in Egypt–Read More »

MuBro’s demand Germany extradite  Egyptian Coptic Christian activist Maikel Nabil

He is being accused of “contempt of the Islamic religion and abuse of the divine.” Also among the charges, the newspaper reported are “insulting the Prophet and his followers.”–Germany needs to tell the MuBro’s to pound sand.

Liberal, secular ‘infidels’ must be prosecuted, says Brotherhood preacher

“If anyone tells you that he is liberal, tell him directly that he is infidel.”

Stupidity rules

Benghazi Gate

 ‘Fast & Furious’ was Obama’s attack on the second amendment.  Benghazi is his Reichstag fire, his deadly attack on the first:

Univision Says It’s Found More Fast & Furious Victims in Investigation Special–Read More »

McRINO is always wrong, even when he’s right:

Islamic savages throw grenades into Christian school in Kenya, children killed

The hand-grenade, thrown into a crowded public place, is becoming a grimly familiar tactic in Kenya. In the past six months, it has been used in bars in Mombasa, churches in Garissa near the Somali border, as well as churches and a bus station in Nairobi.

2 thoughts on “Phoney kumbaya preacher Jim Wallis to Pamela Geller: "Please stop talking"”

  1. “we have to to remind each other of our religious obligations to each other”
    Good point, canditate for Dhimmi of the Month.
    It is a muslim’s obligation to convert, enslave or kill infidels.
    Why cannot these idiots accept simple, proven facts?

  2. This man Jim Wallis makes my blood boil as he is unbelievably ignorant of the muslim agenda for us all and no amount of ‘love they neighbour’ will change that. I would like a contact for him and send him SO MUCH STUFF proving exactly that what Pamela says and other anti-jihadists say is quite simply the truth, a fundamental of Christianity. The man’s a dangerous idiot.

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