Sickening moment:  a vulnerable pensioner was karate-kicked in the back by a young thug wearing a Smurfs T-shirt

  • Young man kicks elderly man in Wolverhampton Bus Station in seemingly motiveless attack
  • Second attacker stamps on victim’s chest before both assailants flee
  • Police call attack ‘sickening’ and ‘cowardly’

Daily Mail has more

Our Defences Are Down: African Hordes Pour into Europe

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

African cultural enrichers, rocket scientists & nurses we desperately need to take care of ageing Europeans , who had too much fun to have kids are coming in masses:

Ageing Europeans appreciate  their high-tech skills on Europe’s labour markets, thus dynamising the European economy and paying for the pensions of Europe’s elderly population. The fence separating Spanish territory from Morocco has been strengthened and improved repeatedly but there are still periodic attempts to jump it, sometimes en masse. This week has seen the largest organised assaults on it since 2005. Hundreds of Africans have streamed across; some have been rounded up; others are still at large. Usually they wait till night-time for these assaults. Now they are doing it in plain daylight.



Rocket scientist practising voodoo ritual









34 thoughts on “Savages”

  1. Figures for a website run by “Australians” is that they think a BLOG written by a fictional character “Cheradenine Zakalwe” is real.

    I’ll have to support the civilized Africans over these barbaric “Australians”

  2. @Robert4

    So? There is also a John Galt and a few other literary characters running around the web/twitter as nom de plumes. What’s your point?

    Entertain us Robert.

    Are you a self loathing white man? Or are you an anti-white racist?

    Which one are you?

  3. Folks,
    Those of you who saw the short film (placed as a link on this blog which was probably shot by IPhone and made by Africans who filmed the beating up and burning alive of African students) have just seen civilised behaviour as defined above by robert4. The thugs who murdered these kids are the same ones, in spirit, as the African thugs who attacked the function in Perth. And yet we have an uncivilised troll called Robert4, asking us to support the behaviour demonstrated by these african thugs. Since Robert4 is so enamoured of their behaviour I think that he should choose live amongst them rather then trying to convince us that we should all be as stupid as he is.

    SA – please post roberts4 ip and gateway.

  4. Hill,

    It’s true that John Galt writes screeds, as do other characters from what, lamentably, passes as “literature” in so many feeble minds. In this Age of Lead, Homer has been reduced to a yellow-skinned cartoon buffoon and yet we are expected to take seriously the racist rantings of a cartoon buffoon from the most distant and barbaric corners of the world.

    And to answer your poorly-reasoned question. I am neither a self-loathing white man, no am I an anti-white racist.

  5. @Robert4

    Hiding behind condescension. Not very impressive, but good try.

    Considering that your best efforts can only be entrenched in a patronizing tone you already identified your self.

  6. Hill,

    Are you a self-loathing white man? Or are you an anti-white racist?

    Which one are you?

  7. Wow, reminds me of the Texas border … violence, death, superstition, drugs, stupidity … just a few shades darker and probably a few IQ points stupider. One thing for sure, they’ll have plenty of video material for “Cops” …
    Can’t we all just get along?! Waaaaaaaaaaa …
    Islam is poison.

  8. Sorry, boys and girls, that was not a “karate kick”. It was just a thug kick by a criminal punk. That’s why they pick on the elderly. If anyone ever attempts something like that on you, just side step it and they’ll fall on their ass. If you’re trained, you already know that to do. Typically, a martial arts person would nail the guy in mid air with a side kick. Too bad the old guy wasn’t me.
    Islam is poison.

  9. Robert4s show all the intellect of a spambot, hence the rewrite of his name to
    Robt4. Robt4, your programmer was not of high quality. Pray Hard. you are correct, it was a thug kick – never mind – the face of the perp. is known and it will be found – sadly of course many judges have Robt4’s lack of intellect, so despite any good work by police these cretins will probably be released to keep on “civilising” the rest of us.

  10. Well crime stats released by Victoria Police in regards to the goings on in the African community show that as a small representation they have the highest crime rate. More than the so called larger ‘white’ population.

    But typical of some to see that racism only comes in ‘white’ and no other colour, typical of bigots really!

  11. @ kaw October 19, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Well said.

    Seriously Robert4?

    The best rebuttal you can come up with is to parrot me?

    Although they say imitation is a form of flattery, I find it boring as it reflects the limited ability of the writer/speaker.

    Come, come Robert surely you can do better? Stick with the sanctimonious condescension. That’s you in your most entertaining guise.

  12. Re. the Cardiff incident – while it is almost certainly a muslim who committed these attacks, the identity of the perp. has not yet been released. Wai0t until the identity has been released. If it is a muslim or an islamist then the people of Cardiff are going to have to redress the problem, and the solution will need more that platitudes from the local muslim spokespersons.

  13. Ironside,
    The significantly high representation of a group in criminal statistics is typical, worldwide. of muslims (for reference check up published police statistic in relevant counties). Muslims are the key contributors to violent crime against women in all Scandinavian countries, and also in Europe. With regards to Oz statistics, I would categorically state that there is a significant difference between muslim and non-muslim african representation. From my experience the Christian/animist part of this group would have low representation as these people generally contribute and integrate- the muslims however do not and usually remain isolated and violent by their own choice.

  14. “Kaw” what is a “looser”? Is in an indication of “lack of intellect”?

    “Hill,” I asked a question that you deemed reasonable. If you think the question is poorly-reasoned and not worth asking, I agree.

  15. “kaw,” since the literal meaning of “looser” is “more loose,” your comment still makes no sense.

  16. spambab4,
    Learn English – you have just demonstrated that your grasp of the language is less than adequate.

  17. spambab4
    You have just shown that you are incapable of learning. You really didn’t need to paste a link to the Webster online site as I know what the difference between “looser” and “loser” is. I actually have several dictionaries within arm’s length. Your comprehension skills are somewhat constrained – you were asked to think out of the box and this, it appears, is an act of mental dexterity that you cannot complete. Let me give you a hint. Either I have been deliberately wasting your time as you have wasted ours, or I have been studying you in order to increase the data we have on potential trouble makers (analysis of responses to specific inputs is quite instructive), or I have made a very subtle jibe at you that has been wasted because your intellectual apparatus is insufficient for the task. The correct answer may, in fact, be a combination of all three choices. Quite efficient really. Yawn.

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