Jihad in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan…..

Obama would say they’re  just ‘speed bumps’ on the road to peace:
Peace in the Philippines: 3rd blast hits Mindanao

… Aside from the BIFM, the faction of Moro National Liberation Front founding chairman Nur Misuari threatened that they will continue their struggle for an independent state despite the signing of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro. …  More peace and security at philSTAR.com October 18, 2012

Philippine peace deal worries locals–Indigenous groups in southern Mindanao region fear being left out as MILF and government prepare to sign peace accord.
Ameril Umbra Kato (centre), the leader of the breakaway Muslim rebel group, Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement (BIFM), brandishes his gun with his soldiers at Camp Omar, Maguindanao, August 28, 2011. Kato recently split from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), citing his disagreement with the MILF’s ongoing peace talks with the government [Joe Penney/Al Jazeera]

A Philippine soldier guards the newly constructed Grand Mosque of Cotabato City, Mindanao, August 29, 2011. Fighting between government and rebel Muslim forces for nearly four decades has created an entrenched environment of militarisation throughout Muslim-dominated regions in the southern Philippines [Joe Penney/Al Jazeera]

Nine churches and six Buddhist temples shut down under Islamist pressure in Banda Aceh

Funny that churches & temples always lack permits. Never a problem for mosques:

For the city’s deputy mayor, the buildings were not being properly used. They lacked the proper building permit and were used for “unlawful” purposes. She pledged greater monitoring of minority activities. Local sources say that the crackdown is the result of threats from extremist groups. FPI now wants other cities and towns to do the same. (by Mathias Hariyadi)

Paki Offerings

Pakistan: 600-strong Muslim mob attacks church

The escalating persecution of Christians in Islamic lands gets little notice in the Western media. They’re much too busy looking for cases of “Islamophobia.”

More on this story. “ASIA/PAKISTAN – The church of San Francesco attacked in Karachi: the Franciscans in fear,” from Agenzia Fides, October 17

Pakistan: Shi’ite Hazaras flee persecution, some die trying

While the Taliban were in power they waged relentless jihad warfare against the Shi’ite Hazaras. It is no better for them in Pakistan. Yet for some reason the peaceful coreligionists of the Sunni persecutors never raise their voice to call for some “Islamic tolerance” for the Hazaras. Now, why is that?

“Persecuted Hazaras flee Pakistan; some die trying,” by Kathy Gannon for theAssociated Press, October 18 (thanks to Block Ness):

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  1. “speed bumps on the road to peace”? …how about “skidmarks on the undershorts of Life”?

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