7 thoughts on “Spencer: Benghazi Gate is the biggest cover-up ever!”

  1. disgusting behaviour, and impeachment should be the result !!!…but maybe we still have to discover more creepy, shocking truth about what the Ambassador was doing in Benghazi….
    Let’s pray that the next elections will bring CHANGE in the WH, or we are all LOST

  2. Why was the US ambassador having dinner with the ambassador of Turkey?

    Turkey, is no more our ally then Saudi Arabia.

    IMHO, I think the signal was the Turkish ambassador leaving the compound. Why did they not strike sooner? Especially, when the Turkish ambassador was there? Two strike with one stone.

    @Uncle Vladdi,

    To my knowledge yes he is, but it is a trumped charged of allegedly having to with parole violation.

    But, what is equally offensive, is where are all the legal hacks whose raison d’etre is to make headlines on Free Speech issues?

  3. My thoughts exactly with regard to the exit of the Turkish ambassador. I wish the media would pick up on this as it could be very significant. I too felt that the ambassador’s exit from the compound was the signal to start the onslaught. Time will hopefully bring out the truth.

  4. @Bee

    Glade I am not the only one whose see Turkey presence dubious and suspect.

    Sad the US has a president where the buck does not stop with him. It is always someone else is fault.

    Also, if anyone has forgotten this is the same president who took over 10 days to visit the Gulf.

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