The U.N. is having another go at internet censorship

U.N. calls for ‘anti-terror’ Internet surveillance  (BCF)

“The United Nations is calling for more surveillance of Internet users, saying it would help to investigate and prosecute terrorists.”

Sure thing. Except in the sick and twisted world of the OIC dominated U.N. it is us who are the terrorists.

They will never stop.

There are more efforts on the way:

EUro dhimmies are game:

The Council of Europe has also elaborated the Additional Protocol to the Con- vention on Cybercrime, concerning the Criminalisation of Acts of a Racist and Xeno- phobic Nature Committed through Computer Systems.65 This Additional Protocol may also facilitate the prosecution of terrorist acts committed via the Internet with the intention of inciting violence on the basis of race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, or religion.66 The Additional Protocol is open to all contracting States of the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime.67


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