UK: the Takedown of the EDL

Nine (Musel-)men have been charged with sexual offences against a single teenage girl in Rochdale.

The men, aged between 26 and 39, were arrested in May as a result of an inquiry into the sexual exploitation of a teenage girl since 2005. The men have all been remanded on bail, Greater Manchester Police said.

Sharia rules UK:

UK Man Mustard Serves Only 5 Days After Beating Elderly Driver…

First he claimed ‘self-defence…”

Tommy Robinson &  Paul Weston are still locked up.

The charges against Kevin Carroll appear much flimsier, and hardly to be taken seriously — this is obviously a ruse to sandbag Kev’s candidacy for PCC in Bedfordshire.The BBC has this report on Kevin’s arrest: Read more »

Turkey rewards Jack Straw, Islamo-panderer, for treason:

“England and the English are not worth saving” (Jack Straw)

Jack Straw has been given one of Turkey’s highest awards for being ‘a politician who approaches the Islamic world and Muslim societies with sincerity and friendship’.–More islamophilia at This Is Lancashire

 Turkey is cooked, you can stick a knife in it:
The ‘freedom of wearing hijab’ covers up more than the stink of totalitarianism:
Turkey now has more imprisoned journalists than any other country, by a factor of just less than two. Iran comes second, with 42 incarcerations; Eritrea third, with 28; and China, a communist dictatorship with a population of 1.35 billion, comes fourth at 27.

3 thoughts on “UK: the Takedown of the EDL”

  1. Being a member of the ‘religion of peace’ is an automatic get-out-of-jail-free card in the UK today unfortunately. The judiciary are either terrified of being labelled ‘racist’ or are terrified for their own personal safety. A shocking state of affairs. It as if a form of madness has gripped the establishment throughout the west that the followers of a totally alien ideology are given preferential treatment at every turn.

  2. @Vos,

    Islam is NOT a race. We have to shut down that dishonest argument straight away.

    Yes, it is fear, It was those same fears that shamefully stopped the police going after the murders of Kriss Donald and the rapist scum of Rochdale.

    As well as the vast number of complaints made to police by whites after receiving physical and racial assaults by Muslims in the UK every year.

  3. You really have to increase your lobbying to the government, and in particular target your local politicans and council people. They need to be made to understand that unless they serve the interests of the electorate thy loose their jobs. The police have been hamstrung by the politicians – again – you cannot blame the police – talk to your politicians very seriously.

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