The Vilification of Alan Jones


If Julia Gillard father died not knowing that his daughter is a scheming, lying manipulating socialist bitch then he also died a fool.

Australia has an unelected, deceitful, lying PM. That’s a fact. We all know that.

When Alan Jones points that out, criminal Labor thugs and their media court jesters throw hissy fits  and try to shut him up. When JooLiar Gillards father died, Alan sarcastically quipped he died of shame over his disgraceful daughter.

As a result the leftarded media want his head. To give you an idea how far Australia has gone down the sinkhole, tonight on The Drum (ABC 24)  the voice of morality was the excremental Anthony Loewenstein, a Jew-hatin’ Jew who recently called for the annihilation of all the six million Jews in Israel.

As far as I’m concerned, Alan Jones has nothing to apologise for. The Gillard goose is past her use-by date. She and her lying, incompetent, squandering ship of fools needs to be sunk. Alan Jones is a national treasure. If his sponsors pull out over this, they don’t deserve him and we shouldn’t buy their products.

How puerile is Fairfax’s vilification of Jones?  (Andrew Bolt)

Here some examples of Alan Jones excellent radio show:

Former NSW police detective sergeant Tim Priest on the response to Islamic violence.

10th anniversary of the Bali bombing approaches


15 thoughts on “The Vilification of Alan Jones”

  1. Every time the labour welfare party say something about immigration, it is the same as spitting in my face.
    Since when do I care when Leftards are offended, much worse needs to be said about them, more frequently, do they think their royalty or something?

  2. How does the old saying go, sticks and stones? the way politicians carry on in Canberra the name calling that goes on and the childish behaviour to boot is disgusting at the best of times.

    Gillard, grow up.. It’s not going to change the fact that you’re a lying deceitful bitch. At least Jones has apologised have youapologised to the Australian people?

  3. Agree 100%. The leftard press here will not let up until Mr Jones leaves 2GB. They’re milking it for all its worth even after he apologised. They’re a disgusting bunch of low lifes.

    Just as the liberal media in US is umbilicaly attached to the WH press corp, so too the media in Australia. And the similarities don’t stop there – we also have a liar who rules over our great country.

    Don’t get me started on the lame stream media’s support for the meme that islam is the religion of peace!

  4. Just looking at the kind of nasty hyenas who are after Alan Jones’s blood would make me take his side, even without knowing of the courage, the intellect, the high ethical standard of this man.

    A part from the vomit-inducing Loevenstein, who sides with the jihadists because he too thinks that Hitler’s work is not finished, you have the nasty crone, Catherine Deveny who once suggested that Bindi Irvin should “get laid”. Since Bindi was a child of 11 at the time who had just lost her young father, this was an incitement to rape. Now this pedophile is in the (tax dollar -paid) pack that screeches for Alan Jones’s head. Over at the ABC whose main raison d’etre these days is to function as the Labor/Greens dirt unit, they have mass orgasms at the thought of finally “getting their shock jock”.

    Sorry, I have to stop, or I will vomit.

  5. If Gillard’s father didn’t die of shame, he should have. All her family members should be ashamed of her.

  6. Alan Jones should not be sacked.Long may he be free to discredit his own ethics on air by outrageous extremism.To effectively promote his own misogyny,racism and fascism he would need to be rational, temperate and considered,and he is not.He has bile in buckets but no benevolence or humanity. He is clearly a man deeply disturbed. Instead of vilifying this “national treasure” he should be safely secured in a latex environment and cared for by kindly professionals.He may actually recover.

  7. Looking for Elvis-anyone seen the King? What ? This is not the Deep South? 2012? Thought it was the 1950s.

  8. Jim…freedom of speech is a biatch, aint it?? Alan Jones can counter extremism with extremism…whats wrong with that?? its only words, and words don’t kill, people do! so suck it up…better to have an opinion than be some one who sits on the fence…maybe thats you..

  9. Unbridled freedoms? Of course freedoms are good but unbridled freedoms?No such thing has ever existed as I’m sure you know.Nor should it.We live in the real world of people and relationships, and that means rational communication rather than rant.
    Do not confuse unbridled extremism as “freedom”. As for fighting “extremism with extremism” which form of extremism is Jones countering?
    Am I sitting on the fence?Perhaps in the eyes of extremists I am but if so see more clearly both sides.

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