Vehicle Jihad in Cardiff

Yet another case of ‘we will never know what motivated him?’

In any case: no matter how greasy Islamophobes twist and turn it, its got nothing to do with Islam!

Thanks to Dhumme.

Van driver arrested after Karina Menzies killed and 13 injured in five hit and runs in Cardiff

A WOMAN was killed and 13 people injured when hit by a motorist allegedly randomly targeting pedestrians at five locations within a 30-minute period.

Karina Menzies died and 11 other people were injured when they were mown down during a 30-minute spate of hit and runs. (Herald Sun)

Karina Menzies, 32, is believed to have been hit with her three children, who survived the carnage in Cardiff, Wales Online reported.

“Rest in piece Karina Menzies. Sleep tight beautiful angel and may the scum responsible for this senseless, evil murder be brought to justice. Cant imagine what her family are feeling,” Facebook user Katy Johanna Benson wrote.

Four adults and seven children are being treated at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Wales, where a thirteenth went to hospital of their own accord.

The motorist, a 31-year-old driver of a white transit van, was arrestedon suspicion of murder in Cardiff.

Ramesh Patel, who runs a store close to the site where Ms Menzies was killed, said customers had described how the van driver appeared to target pedestrians.

“Customers have said a white van purposely drove at people,” Mr Patel said.

Police thanked all the members of the public who alerted them to a man in a white van randomly targeting pedestrians, including children, in the suburbs of Ely and Canton.

The van driver is believed to have hit a pedestrian before trying to flee the incident, and left a trail of chaos over the next 30 minutes, Mail Online reported.

Among those knocked down were Annie Lewis, 22, her partner Adam and two-year-old daughter Amelia-May, who was being pushed in a pram.

Amelia-May suffered facial injuries, which left her covered in blood. Student Annie, who suffered a broken leg, was taken to hospital in one of the fleet of at least seven ambulances at one of the scenes.

13 thoughts on “Vehicle Jihad in Cardiff”

  1. As soon as the story broke my 1st thought was “sudden Jihad syndrome?” I’ve yet to hear the name of the killer, was he a koranimal?

  2. Be patient – we are not like the mad muslim mob, and we should be fair and even handed in our response.

  3. You are going to look like such knobs for betting on the wrong horse. Have a listen to this eyewitness account from no less than a doctor.

  4. Gee Ian, no one here has made any accusation – we are waiting for official statements and then decision/judgement can be made. Actually, you are the one that looks like a knob. I never realised that the English language was so difficult for some.

    1. Last call: there won’t be any more ‘LOL’s here. Posters are welcome to debate in the interest of free speech. If you cannot adhere to minimum standards you will be gone.

  5. Perhaps you don’t understand what it means, but “kaw” made a joke and I indicated my appreciation of that joke.

  6. I suspected vehicular jihad when I read it. When they said the man was charged but they didn’t publish his name I think it’s p[roof that our beloved authorites are trying to keep us in the dark… again. Musn’t upset the Muslims, they provide us with oil.

  7. Actually, a little checking shows that Ramesh Patel was a witness from a nearby store. Communications cock up somewhere. However, my statement about not realeasing the name stands, as this happened a while ago when a group of Pakistani men were pulled in for sex offences against children (again) and the media didn’t print their names.

  8. Dhumme Dhimmi,

    It is for this reason that I also suspect that an islamist (white) might be involved – however until details are forthcoming we cannot say anything more.

    For our muslim readers, if you are upset that most automatically suspect a muslim when such horrific crimes are reported then you need to realize that there is a reason. and you need to be honest with yourselves when you ask the question – Why?? When you can honestly ask that question then come and talk with us. Our species has many challenges facing us, and we can best solve them together but it is your choice and we will never take that choice from you.

  9. As an update the name of the suspect has been released – the name is Welsh but that is all that has been made public..

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