About time: Australians are starting to fight back against Labor tyranny

The tyranny of tender feelings and the war on free speech  Andrew Bolt

Put it all together, and Labor is presiding over the greatest assault on Australians’ free speech in our lives:

– it has held an inquiry into what the Greens dubbed the “hate media” – particularly critics of the government

– it is promising new privacy rules affecting the media

– it is threatening new laws to control who owns the media – a response to conservatives such as Gina Rinehart buying into media assets

– it is considering tough new laws to regulate “bias” and reporting, applying tougher controls – back by threats of jail – on everything from big newspapers to even small blogs.

– it has punished News Ltd for its critical coverage by twice over-ruling the decision of an independent panel to award News the tender for the Australia Network.

– it proposed new workplace laws that make it easier for workers to sue their bosses if they’ve had even their political views or social origin offended by something said or done.

– it has rejected calls to alter the Racial Discrimination Act even after it was used to ban columns that questioned how fair-skinned people with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal ancestry identified only as Aboriginal.

– it has issued demands and threats to media executives in response to coverage of the Prime Minister’s involvement in the AWU scandal. Two senior journalists were subsequently sacked.

– it has privately warned at least one media boss that running conservative opinion was a hostile act

– it proposed a government-run internet filter

– it plans to save people’s phone and internet data for two years as a “crime fighting” measure – a big increase in the surveillance of what Australians say or write.

What Labor is doing is sinister. It’s sick.

Finally, finally Australians are starting to fight back.

Bolt has lots more:  The tyranny of tender feelings and the war on free speech


 Our national security in Gillard’s hands: 

DOZENS of Australian military bases and army reserves depots face possible closure under a drive to save money amid a $5.5 billion cut to defence spending.

Once again, you can trust Gillard’s word or you can trust her deeds. You cannot trust both.–This is better than Rudd’s?

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  1. What are you going to do when China comes and wants their Australian Island back? The same all the other socialist countries do, call America for help. Sorry, by that time the US military will be gutted by another socialist muslim now in office. Wake up folks.

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