Oxford University and Churches in Europe Champion a Purveyor of Fraud

The Anna Baltzer Fraud

by Lee Kaplan/Gatestone Institute

Next time, the lies may be about any of us, or simply our right to speak the truth in public without being accused of denying rights to the very same people who plot to take them away from us.

Kosher she’s not.

Why would she say the following: Baltzer included a cry at the end of an interview recorded in Ireland in 2010 on an anti-Israel radio station that it is her hope “Inshallah, to one day bring down Zionism” — meaning to end the Jewish state. A bit odd even for a self-hating Jew, don’t you think?

Anna Baltzer, of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, who was exposed here at Gatestone Institute as lying about her background, is apparently still appearing in a debate Oxford University in the UK today, January 31st, as originally scheduled, after having spoken yesterday at the University of Sussex where she promoted the boycotting of, and divesting from, Israel.

One of the scheduled opponents to debate her on the side defending Israel, Mr. Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle in London and a former Chairman of European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism, has already withdrawn from the event. Pollard explained his refusal to appear with Ms. Baltzer because of her lying about Israel, lying about Jews and even lying about her own background; as well as Oxford’s giving her an unmerited credibility by keeping her on the speaking panel and refusing to remove her from the event.

Further, on February 4th Ms. Baltzer will be visiting Belgium to address Christian groups and radical groups opposed to Israel’s existence, who are openly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Baltzer already has a track record of speaking to Presbyterian and other Christian groups in the United States who are receptive to presentations by a Jew opposed to a Jewish national homeland. Her visit to Europe is presumably intended to expand such a base.

Baltzer is apparently going there at the invitation of a Belgian visual artist/cartoonist named Ben Heine, who is widely considered anti-Semitic. Heine’s Wikipedia entry cites “the pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionism nature of some of Heine’s political art and his participation in a 2006 competition calling for Holocaust-related cartoons on the Iranian website Irancartoon.com.” The competition was actually meant to promote Iranian Holocaust-denial. Wikipedia continues, “Heine has been accused of anti-Semitism by critics including the Belgian satirical weekly magazine Pere UBU and the Institute for Global Jewish Affairs,” and he has written or drawn many anti-Semitic articles and cartoons equating Jews with Nazis , particularly for the virulently anti-Israel blog Daily Kos, which even found some of his writing openly anti-Semitic enough to have it removed.

Heine once wrote an open letter to Irancartoon.org that said, “We are against all kinds of revisionism, anti-Semitism, racism or xenophobia. We do not at all deny that millions of Jews were horribly murdered by the Nazis.” Such a denial of prejudice may get Heine in the door of churches and other organizations, but what Heine says regarding the Jewish people and religious symbolism, and what he does, are completely different. In honor of Baltzer’s appearance before Christian groups in Belgium, he created a cartoon that portrays Anna Baltzer as the Pieta with a dead Palestinian Jesus on her lap and Israeli air force jets flying overhead.

Anna Baltzer as the Pieta, by Ben Heine.

Heine’s blog also carries a story authored by Anna Baltzer, in which she claims that a Palestinian child was felled by poison gas dispersed by the Israeli army from an IDF base. Baltzer’s tales often include alleged atrocities by Israeli soldiers against Arab children, but using only first names of “victims” that are not verifiable , except through herself and her fellow International Solidarity Movement activists. No addresses, no dates, no newspaper articles; even more, no lawsuits against the IDF that such “victims” can file. For example, speaking to a Presbyterian Church in Wyoming, Baltzer told the congregation of a Palestinian mother who was forced to watch several of her children gunned down by Israeli soldiers – a story she was later compelled to recant. When asked why she spread the false story she replied, “I don’t think it’s hateful to hold a nation responsible for targeting civilians.” However, she never condemns missiles fired into Israeli communities from Gaza. On the contrary, Baltzer repeatedly supports Hamas, and in her presentations calls for intifadas [uprisings] against Israel, as does her sponsor, Ben Heine.

Ms. Baltzer has already been proven to have fabricated a tale of a Palestinian woman losing two babies due to an Israeli security checkpoint, put in place to to keep out terrorists. She frequently lectures in the U.S., particularly to Christians and at Presbyterian churches, to incite ill will against Israel. That Anna Baltzer lectures in churches in order to negate Christian support for a Jewish homeland, and apparently consents to be featured as Heine’s Christian Pieta — all the while proclaiming herself a Jew who expresses a need for Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel to be brought down — are just more examples of how the Palestinian movement continues to promote anti-Semitism in Europe and America among Christians, not just Arabs and Muslims.

What is sad is that our universities, both in the U.S. and the UK, are playing host to this woman, thereby giving her the appearance of academic and intellectual legitimacy, when her goal is to persuade her audiences by lying. She does not promote “peace” or to better the human condition. She pits one side that is from the totalitarian world against the other that is from the democratic West. Our universities and churches are supporting frauds like Anna Baltzer. They should not be. Next time, the lies may be about any of us, or simply our right to speak the truth in public without being accused of denying rights to the very same people who plot to take them away from us.

Any Christian organizations and universities in Europe that are still on Baltzer’s tour schedule should cancel invitations for her to speak. That is, unless they, too, are happy to compare an untrustworthy purveyor of malevolent lies to the Virgin Mary.

An update from the Elder of Ziyon:

UPDATE: I am told that Baltzer changed her name; she did receive the Fulbright under the name Anna J. Pillar. See this article that says her real name is Baltzer and that a 2006 lecture of hers was under the name Piller.

One of my readers emailed me with this cogent point:

It is also true that inventing Fulbright scholarships and perhaps even survivor grandparents can have more legs as a news story and be more discrediting to her than the mere fact that she likes to invent IDF atrocities.

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  1. I am appalled that anyone would desecrate the most beautiful and emotionally charged La Pieta with this vile cartoon. This woman, Baltzer, sounds completely unhinged and any church entertaining her should be ashamed as she is obviously a liar amongst other things.

  2. Baltzer does NOT have a Fulbright Scholarship. She received some money from Fulbright to teach English in Turkey. That info is listed on the Fulbright website. Fulbright scholars are given funds to do research, write dissertation and earn degrees. She was part of a foreign language program, however, she is NOT listed on the list of actual Fulbright scholars from day one of the organization nor for the year 2003 when she claims she was a Fulbright scholar. Her real name is Piller and under taht name also she is NOT listed as a Fulbright Scholar. She lies. Visit
    Lee Kaplan Blog and the Open Challenge Letter to Anna Baltzer for updated info on this vile woman.

  3. Hi Lee,

    Could you please provide a direct link to the article on your site? About Baltzer?

    I was not successful finding the article on Baltzer Gateteone Institute either.

    For the record, if you are not already aware, Duke University maybe private, but sadly the university is a favorite of the Qatari’s. They were able to buy one of their offspring entrance into the University, who has since graduated.

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