France: “Our friend Qatar is financing Mali’s Islamists”

Qatar — where Arab supremacism, for which islam is a vehicle, becomes old-fashioned economic imperialism:

Qatar wants to see a return on its (Islamic) investment:

“Qatar has an established a network of institutions it funds in Mali, including madrasses (religious schools), schools and charities that it has been funding from the 1980s,”

France launches unprecedented campaign against Qatar role in Mali

Leader of Socialist Party in France slams ‘form of indulgence” from Qatar ‘towards terrorist groups who occupied northern Mali’, asking Emirate for ‘policy clarification’.

PARIS - The Leader of the ruling Socialist Party in France, Harlem Desir, slammed on Sunday “a form of indulgence” from Qatar “towards the terrorist groups who occupied northern Mali,” asking the Gulf Emirate for a “policy clarification “.

Desir noted that “political statements of a number of Qatari officials had challenged the French intervention” in Mali.

“There is an attitude that is not cooperative and that can be considered as a form of leniency towards the terrorist groups who occupied northern Mali. This attitude coming from Qatar is not normal,” added Desire at a weekly political programme on one of the Jewish community radio in France, Radio J.

We need a policy clarification from Qatar who has always denied any role in funding terrorist groups. On the diplomatic level, Qatar should adopt a much stronger, and firmer position towards these groups who threaten the security of the Sahel region,” added Desir.France Now Criticizes Qatar For Its Role In Mali


S.E. Cupp: Al Qaeda is cooperating with the Polisario.

New reports emerged this week from the Malian foreign minister Tiéman Coulibaly suggesting that Polisario fighters are among the terrorist groups to overtake northern Mali, where numerous Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda-related groups have gathered in an acknowledged effort to turn the territory into a Sharia state.

If you’ve never heard of the Polisario, you’re not alone. The Polisario is a socialist national liberation movement that’s been working to end Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara, a disputed territory just south of Morocco, in an at-times bloody conflict that’s been raging for nearly four decades, and largely ignored by the West. (More)

2 thoughts on “France: “Our friend Qatar is financing Mali’s Islamists””

  1. Dear France: Qatar is not your ‘friend’ in any meaningful sense of that word, and never was.

    They were merely dissembling to get what they wanted and/ or to get the drop on you.

    All non-Muslim countries whether first-world or third-world need to grasp one simple point: Muslims qua Muslims simply cannot be your friend or ally. Not properly. They may feign friendship – temporarily. They may enter into an alliance of some kind – temporarily. But they wll only ever do so out of amoral expediency; they will only do it if they think that it will, in the long run, enable them to get the drop on you; to benefit themselves while doing you down; to further the ultimate goal of Islam which is the total dominance of Muslims over all non-Muslims, everywhere.
    That is their goal: to dominate you and domineer over you.

    End the relationship, France. End all your relationships with Islamic entities. Forget about alliances, treaties, ‘friendships’. Just forget about it.
    Over the past decades and more, Muslims have been ‘grooming’ you for dhimmitude, by much the same methods, analogically speaking, as a pimp or pedophile deploys to ‘groom’ for abject submission the girl or woman he intends to use as a prostitute in his illegal S & M bordello.

    The way to deal with that, is to get out of the abusive relationship altogether; because this particular Abuser is never going to ‘reform’.

  2. Hooray for that Dumblesoresarmy. And I might add that all you say applies to all Muslim countries that stupid, ignorant Western politicians, appear to know nothing about especially with regard to the Islamic world caliphate agenda, neither to they seem to want to know the truth but prefer to follow evil instead.

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