Denmark: Muslim Asylum Fraudsters 23 times more criminal than Danes

Can never happen in Australia, right?

Denmark: (Muslim) Asylum seekers are 23 times more criminal than Danes

 Posted by Nicolai Sennels (via Islam vs Europe)

“Every fifth asylum seeker committed a crime in 2011. Asylum seekers are, as a group, far more criminal than Danes. This is the conclusion based on data from the Crime Registry and Danish Statistics. … When it comes to the penal code, asylum seekers were 23 times as criminal as Danes in 2011. Because of the extensive crime, the Danish police now plans to detain asylum seekers for small crimes such as shop lifting.”

Asylum seekers? Not so. They are the advance army of invaders with one aim – to conquer the West. And to spread the disease of Islam over the entire World.

In other news:

Open Season on a Danish Gallery Owner  (GoV)

“Danish” assassins failed in their attempt last month to kill Lars Hedegaard. They can’t easily get at Kurt Westergaard, because he is guarded by state security police. So now they are after Erik Guldager, the gallery owner who has exhibited — gasp! — a cartoon of Mohammed drawn by Kurt Westergaard.

3 thoughts on “Denmark: Muslim Asylum Fraudsters 23 times more criminal than Danes”

  1. Hm – is it 23 times now? Since it’s miscreation 1,400 years ago (when they had way less than 1% of the world’s population to draw upon) islam’s moslems have become responsible for over half of all murders (and other cirmes) in the world, making them from four and several hundred times more likely even today (since they’ve bred and conquered their way up to one fifth of the global population) to commit murders and all others crimes, than everyone else (both secular AND religious) combined!

    But that’s predicable in a crime-gang whose official indoctrinating “cultural” response to any & all frustration is: “THOU SHALT KILL!”

    We obey the Golden Rule of Law, which, by simply defining all situational morality as: “Do Not Attack First!” enables trust, progress, and Civilization.
    (See all “Western” countries)!

    They obey the brazen rule of chaos, which embodies immorality as: “Our god says we always have to attack all ‘The Others’ first!” and so inflicts distrust, stagnation, and Barbarism.
    (See all ‘moslem’ countries)!

    And yet the corporazi stooges who own “our” government sales-puppets, insist on importing millions more of these holy mobsters here every year, simply to drive down our standards of living and to give them selves a cheaper labour force!

    Their short-sighted profit-chasing greed instincts will destroy civilization.


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