“EDL Exploiting Perceptions”


Mohammedan crime-syndicates exploit underage British girls, get them hooked on drugs and use them as sex slaves, and The Express blames the EDL for “exploiting perceptions”.


Its worse, much worse:

The English Defence League (EDL) is exploiting concerns surrounding sex-grooming gangs to fuel its anti-Islam agenda, a university report has said.

That much stoopid must be learned in university.

Tommy Robinson, the EDL’s leader, is considered a ‘rock star’ by activists across Europe

The far-right group is using recent cases, such as the nine  Musel- men jailed last year for grooming girls in Rochdale, to build support, King’s College London found.It is building a far-rightnetwork with countries across Europe, according to the university’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation.Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, one of the report’s authors, said: “The EDL has successfully exploited concerns about the sex grooming gangs in the north of England, turning the issue into one of Islam versus the West.”Tommy Robinson, the EDL’s leader, is considered a “rock star” by activists across Europe, Mr Meleagrou-Hitchens said.”They want him to help their own organisations to become like the EDL. There’s a danger that the UK will export this kind of vicious, far-right activism to the rest of the continent.”The EDL and its partners have worsened community tensions and further promoted ideas that helped inspire Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, the report said.A theme used by the EDL to try to boost its support is the topic of rape allegedly committed by Muslim men as evidence of the “Islamisation” of the West, the report said.”This ‘rape jihad’, as it has become known, is a significant concern for the EDL. Interest has risen since revelations in the British media about the existence of sex-grooming gangs made up of Muslim men of south-Asian origin.”

The EDL demonstrated in Rochdale in June last year to try to pressure police to refer specifically to gang members as “Muslim” so any alleged link between the religion and the crime could be inferred, the report said. The far-right group is sharing these tactics with partners in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other countries, the university department found.


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  1. Can anyone imagine a young girl, only 16 years old, being raped by 90 men over two days? 90 !! 90 ugly disgusting mohammedans. Mohammedans, not Asians, as the media likes to describe the uncivilized creatures.

    And the EDL are being accused by a cretin from King’s College London as turning the issue of Muslim sex grooming gangs in the North of England into “Islam versus the West.” It is the rabid Muslim rapists who are causing the trouble, not the EDL.

    The University cretin describes the EDL of “vicious, far-right activism which helped inspire Anders Breivik.”

    He views might alter if he had a daughter, sister, wife, who was raped over TWO days by 90 Muslims.

    The following exerpt is from UpPompeii1’s site.


    There is also a link to the UK Daily Mail on the site.

    “A young girl has been raped NINETY times over a two day period, she is just one victim of the slave trade in white girls that exists in the UK, this deplorable state of affairs exists in this country simply because of our open borders policy and the free access given to the UK via the European Union.

    A teenage girl was raped 90 times in one weekend it has been revealed in a shocking report into modern-day slavery in the UK.

    The report, due to be published tomorrow by the Centre for Social Justice, contains evidence from the girl, who was 16 at the time she was taken into slavery and RAPED BY 90 MEN.

    The girl, who gave evidence to the committee despite still being ‘deeply traumatised’ by the attacks, did not come from a background which put her at risk, but became enslaved after befriending girls vulnerable to abuse, it has been reported.”

    Read more at UpPompeii1’s site.

  2. No, the EDL is not the problem here. Islam is the problem here. It’s an oppressive system that destroys everyone and everything it touches, especially women.

  3. Ha. We all know ‘Asian’ is code for Muslims.

    If they blame the EDL then the police, councils and the government can close their eyes and cover their ears just that much longer, and pretend nothing is going on and not have to deal with the mess the Labour Neo-Communist let into the country.

    Whist, the anger is growing towards the three big parties, LibDems/Cons/Lab and the savages. They may see reality handed to them by UKIP.

    @Red Rose

    You said, “He views might alter if he had a daughter, sister, wife, who was raped over TWO days by 90 Muslims.”

    So, true. liberals quickly turn into Fascist NIMBYS, when their quiet streets get taken over by Muslims. They very quickly loose their ‘tolerance’ when the barbarians and their last century living habits infringe on their daily lives.

  4. The BITAs exploit the left-wing fascists willingness to shut people up in exchange for votes.
    The left-wing fascists exploit the BITAs ruthless fight to kill free speech.

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