Importing (Koranimals) a violation of our rights

Importing a violation of our rights

Andrew Bolt

We’ve reached the very limit of multiculturalism as we realise what we’ve imported:
FORCED child marriage, life-threatening domestic violence and dowry abuse are rife in Greater Dandenong and Casey, a welfare agency has warned.

Shakti Migrant and Refugee Women’s Support Group Melbourne, which champions the human rights of women of African and Middle Eastern origin, only opened locally in April, but already is overrun with requests for assistance. Spokeswoman Hiba Casablanca said the system was failing women of multicultural backgrounds…

“We need a specialist refuge catering for the needs of women of colour, run by people who can speak their language and who truly understand and connect with what we’re saying, when we talk about cultural practices that violate our rights.”

I wonder whether a “specialist refuge” will do much to combat “cultural practices that violate our rights” – practices we are importing into the community.

And if it does indeed fail, what is the cost?

7 thoughts on “Importing (Koranimals) a violation of our rights”

  1. This multikuti BS has to stop. Tell them the rules of our land whe they arrive and make them stick to them. Transgressors and handwringing lefties who approve of this insanity can be sent to the hellhole of their choice (plenty to choose from) All cultures are not equal. I want my safe, friendly, law abiding Australia back!

  2. It’s doubtful if Shakti will achieve its aim of “educating” women of colour. but say it does happen – what next? Isn’t the whole idea of this organisation to empower women to stand up for themselves? Never in a million years – they’re from a culture in which women are like cattle.

    When will Westerners realise that trying to reform them in line with our Western values is never going to work? Best thing to do is send them back to where they came from. It isn’t up to us to jump in and save those who are too far gone. Jennifer, you’re absolutely right, send the loony lefties with them.

  3. @Jennifer and Adina

    “All cultures are not equal. I want my safe, friendly, law abiding Australia back!”

    I will second that!

  4. Immigration dilutes our standard of living, and the only reason it’s pushed on us “by government” is because of the corporazi salesmen who only want to reduce our wages to increase their own profits at our direct expense! They have bribed “our government” politicians (their own pet sales-puppets) to enable the destruction of our countries and way of life to finance their greed. Their enemedia says it’s for our own good!

  5. Free markets, where everyone is allowed to own anything or everything, can be problems when one company can buy all the “vertical interation” (i.e: end up owning every sort of company needed for the complete production process of whatever they are selling) from top to bottom. Once that happens, they can simply ignore profits for each of their lesser stage companies, keeping those industries depressed for at-cost/ non-profit to them selves, and so make the price of their end product as cheap as it can possibly be, at which point, no one can compete with them, and they have achieved their monopoly at EACH and every lesser stage, too, while eliminating their competition at ALL those stages.

    “Government” corruption, which enables them to do this, is part of the corporate competition process: the corporazis bribe their government sales-puppet “politicians,” not the other way around. In fact, most capitalists would scream that government shouldn’t be allowed to infringe on the coporations’ rights to own any and every thing they want to. The end result will always be only ONE gang ends up owning everything … including the government, at which point capitalism has seemingly “magically,” yet predictably and inevitably, transformed itself into a state of single-owner communism.

    And today we are living in the end-stages of this process, where the corporazis, because they are ONLY committed to the supply-and-demand of reducing costs and increasing profits by any and all means, hate paying taxes to any one any where ever, and so are hell-bent on destroying all sovereign nation countries and their governments and citizens by downsizing and outsourcing all our jobs to their 3rd-world slave-pens with their globalization treason scheme: no jobs here = no taxes here = no government here = no countries here! And of course, by promising to import ALL the lesser-expectations savage barbarians as wage slaves from those same 3rd world slave pens to here, they are all supported by the international communazis, and tribal moslems, who want free movement, wage parity and “equality” for those lowest-common denominator slaves as well. The moslems have been promised their one-world moslem ummah ruled by their caliphate government, as is obvious from all “our blunders” enabling their ‘Arab Spring.’ They will be used to keep us scared and subdued, Submissively shamed as racists & in line until it’s all over for us.


  6. If they want to come to our Country , then they should be told the Laws & that the Laws apply to everyone , don’t come here expecting hand outs , don’t come here thinking you can impose your laws or your culture on us , you should stay in your own countries & make them safe for your own people .
    I want my safe, friendly, law abiding Australia back!

  7. time to clean the rathole out that dandenong has become,full of child molesterers,rapists,killers,drug addicts,thieves.all just welfare pigs and ignorasnt pieces of garbage.people who marry little girls are nothing but scumbags deserve to be treated as such..if you dont like it pack your bags and get out,because you dogs will never control this country.there are some like me who will fight you pigs to the death of you think yuo are going to impose your scumbag shariah and the rest of your rubbish on will see the real wrath of angry australians before long.

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