Islamophobia is incurable (because the jihad never stops….)

Jihad in France:

1,500 people evacuated from Eiffel Tower after claim of explosives placed there

“It follows threats from Al-Qaeda pledging ‘revenge’ for the French intervention in the African state of Mali to fight Islamic terrorists.”

“BREAKING NEWS: 1,500 people evacuated from Eiffel Tower after anonymous phone call claimed explosives had been placed around landmark,” by Peter Allen for the Daily Mail, March 30 (thanks to Darcy):

The Eiffel Tower was evacuated tonight following a telephoned terrorist bomb warning.

Hollande’s Hijab Ban

France’s largest Islamic group meets this weekend at Le Bourget, north of Paris, as the government prepares to extend the ban on Islamic headscarves in educational establishments, a move many Muslims feel would be discriminatory.

Paki Police arrest accused blasphemer after angry mob surrounds his house

Have you ever noticed that far more Qur’an-burning seems to take place in Pakistan than it does anywhere else? Pakistan’s Sharia blasphemy law is a massive human rights abuse that ought to be the target of UN resolutions and action — but I know that the UN is busy pursuing the jihad against Israel. “Vendor arrested under blasphemy law in Pakistan,” from PTI, March 26 (thanks to JW):

Modern, moderate Indonesia: Christians celebrate Easter outdoors after church closures

Islamic law forbids Christians to build new churches or repair old ones. “Indonesians Mark Easter Outdoors After Church Closures,” from AFP, March 31: (JW)

Iraq: Christians celebrate Easter behind high blast walls and tight security cordons

Things have gotten worse for the Christians in Iraq as the Muslims there have become “more outwardly pious and politically Islamist,” says AP. This is a backhanded admission that Muslim piety leads to greater hostility toward Christians. But if anyone said that straight out, AP would tar him as an “Islamophobe.”

“Iraqi Catholics celebrate Easter,” by Diaa Hadid for the Associated Press, March 31:

Nigeria: Muslims murder 36 Christians, security tight for Easter

As noted here, Islamic jihadists are now operating with impunity in Pakistan’s largest city. “Pakistan: Taliban suspected in attack on Karachi school,” by Jennifer Mattson for the Global Post, March 30

“Don’t burn this house. It belongs to a Muslim.”

“I feel that simply being a Christian is an invitation to danger.”  “‘Don’t burn this house. It belongs to a Muslim,'” by Ali Usman for the Express Tribune, March 30  Will the Islamophobia never end? (thanks to The Religion of Peace)