One Faith (Under Islam)

Pope Francis: Protector of Mohammad and a Friend to Islam

Logans Warning:

Its astonishing how the Vatican cowardly sits there and watches as Europe slowly gets devoured by the Islamic beast. Not only didn’t they do anything to stop Islam, they actually aided in the destruction of Western Civilization.  So when the new Pope was elected on March 13th, my first thought was what were his views on Islam?–Read it all:   One Faith (Under Islam)

Your children will be Muslim:

There goes the church of Aberdeen

An Anglican church in the Scottish city of Aberdeen has opened its doors to Muslims who say their mosque has become overcrowded. They are now allowed to pray in the church.

The minister of St. John’s — notice his “brown” ethnicity — seems unaware that by allowing Islamic prayer services on its premises, his church has become a mosque in the eyes of Muslims. It is now the property of the Ummah, held in trust by the waqf board, and will presumably be officially claimed by Islam when the time is ripe.   Church Becomes Mosque  (GoV)

Silent Conquest:

Lars Hedegard speeking freely:   A Tale of Sharia and Western Self-Censorship

Name that cult:

Muslim Family Allowed To Proselytize About Islam And A Pedophile In Indiana Public School

However, Muslims proselytizing Islam in a public school in Indiana appears to be ok, while Christianity and anything about the Christian faith is condemned. Sadly, what many don’t know is that Mohammed was a false prophet and a pedophile. …


7 thoughts on “One Faith (Under Islam)”

  1. I already don’t think much of this pope, because he goes on about “the poor”. He sounds like a social justice activist. He SHOULD be concerned with the “poor in spirit” not the “poor”.

  2. I am rather concerned as well, PG. The man is a social activist. I am curious as to why he was voted in – it seems rather odd.

  3. I believe that VICTORY IN JESUS!
    Not in Pope or in Sheikh or Islam or NEW WORLD ORDER!
    Jesus will defeat the beast & followers.
    assurance is given to Christians in every age. Find the greatest enemy of Christ (whether corrupt religion, godless governments, social anarchy), put it in the place of emperor worship, and see its eventual failure as the living Christ, the redeeming Lamb, marches to victory over chaotic world conditions.

  4. Sorry, but you have to do something too. You cannot just sit on your laurels and say ‘Jesus, or God, will do “what we need to do but it is a good excuse so I can think I can still sit on my laurels with my head up my behind and hopefully I won’t have to face it and I am too stupid to realize that I am handing over the job to my children and their children”‘.

    Reach out to your religious leaders, educate your own and others about islam and sharia. Learn it – and speak out against it, demand better from our politicians and medias, etc.

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