“Terror Has No Faith” (Yes it Does. Its Called Islam)

Atlas Shrugs:

Dabah Almontaser, the infamous “intifada” principal who was forced to resign from the failed NYC public school madrassa, offers up the Islamic supremacist narrative. In the wake of jihadi slaughter on a bright Monday morning in Boston comes the second wave of the Islamic attack.

And the jihad-terror never stops:

UK Attack on the EDL: where is the outrage?

“EDL attack: the terror plot foiled by luck” The Telegraph

Our colleagues in the UK were targeted for mass death. Haven’t heard about it? Why would you? It’s counter jihad activists, so they deserve it — right? That’s how the media sees it. Tommy Robinson, EDL  leader and SION board member, was targeted for assassination.Islamic Bomb plot on the EDL Freedom Demo Foiled “homemade bombs, guns and knives”

WaPo: Boston Jihad Was Not Jihad Because Chechen Bombers Didn’t Leave Manifesto

There’s no remedy against stoopid:

No manifesto accompanied the Marathon bombings, and investigators are only now piecing together an accounting of the Tsarnaev brothers’ path to terror.  A portrait emerges of a family in a losing battle against its people’s troubled past, against its own internal dysfunction and discord, and against conflicting interpretations of its ancient faith.

Conflicting interpretations? There only seems to have been one view of Islam inside the Tsarnaev household. But anyway, how dare the WaPo spin the Tsarnaevs as victims, who “fought a losing battle” against anything at all. The Tsarnaev brothers are savage killers. Period.  Continue reading “Enemedia Strikes Again:   WaPo Whitewashes Tsarnaev Jihad Family” »

China Jihad

Terrorists met to study Qur’an

Yet another link between the Qur’an and jihad terror. Despite a mountain of such links, authorities steadfastly refuse to examine the phenomenon of Qur’an-inspired terrorism or its implications.

“China says clash suspects met to study Quran,” from the Associated Press, April 30 (thanks to JW)

3 thoughts on ““Terror Has No Faith” (Yes it Does. Its Called Islam)”


    If any non-moslem is to believably assert in indulgence of their historical lies, that he or she agrees with the moslems’ claims that islam is a “religion,” (at all, much less one “of peace,”) then they must also supply valid reasons as to why they have chosen to believe in Muhammad’s most basic claims, that “God” has ordered him to order his followers to kill everyone not a member of his gang (like, for instance, the non-moslem now found to be endorsing his lies)!

    i.e: If islam is such a valid religion, why does God order you to be murdered by it’s moslem members?

    Do you really think that’s a valid way for one of God’s religions to behave?!

    Besides being a liberal, what do you think you have done to deserve the moslem god’s eternal scorn and hatred?

    Or, more generally,

    “Do you believe that islam is NOT a danger to non-moslems?” (and, if so: WHY not?)!

    As my American friend Dajjal recently put it:

    Objectors declare that Islam is a religion, an equally valid pathway to God.

    They pray and they sway so it must be ok.
    (Me, I’d have said bray and spray, Dajjal)!

    Was any legitimate religion founded for the personal emolument of its founder?

    Does the deity of any legitimate religion sanctify and reward acts of terrorism?

    Does the founder of any legitimate religion brag about winning wars by terrorism?

    3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220. 2

    Does the deity of any legitimate religion demand genocide as the price of admitting its founder to Paradise?

    Is Islam a legitimate religion entitled to the umbra of protection afforded by the First Amendment’s free exercise clause?


    Anyway, this is just more backwards libtarded pre-positioning and failed syllogisms, like:

    Roses are red.
    Roses are flowers.
    So all flowers are red.


    Islam calls itself a religion.
    Religions are peaceful.
    So islam is peaceful.


  2. @Uncle Vladdi,

    Why would any God need such lowly humans, like the Muslims to kill for him?

    One would think a mere (murderous) thought from the God should do the trick.

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