“ABC news is not just another news service.” (Read it and weep!)

Indeed. The ABC is no news service at all. Its a propaganda organ for special interest groups and leftist cranks. In fact, its a “Social Disharmony Prevention Agency”.

Tim Blair explains how far this  billion dollar taxpayer funded  far left pigsty  has sunk:

Both ABC & SBS can’t find  “Muslim”, “Islam”, “Allah” or “Koran” in their vocabulary. (They must be religiously following the New Duranty Times)

But the ABC is even worse than the NYT. For these creeps, even a ‘allahu akbaring’ Muselmaniac with a meat cleaver and blood-stained hands who just beheaded a British soldier on a street of Londonistan can’t be trusted:

“Where is your primary and official source that these crimes were carried out in the name of Islam…?”

Sources don’t come much more primary than the guy who did it. But wait for the ABC to set you straight:

“If we get it wrong it can be an international incident and inflame enormous social disharmony,” the email continued. Considering that a body is lying in a London street having been hacked and slashed in manner reminiscent of a pig’s slaughter, the point of social disharmony may have already been reached. But I take the ABC’s point. Inflaming things could get someone hurt.

Translation: the general population isn’t mature enough to handle this. They’ll have to be guided by ABC leftists superior wisdom in his matter.

I urge you to read the whole thing.



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